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  • Yep I am here, miss ppl using our old page still check it daily thou. Glad to see your tank is doing well. Everything good?

    Greg took time out to help me yesterday. I appreciate your offer to help and I will see you Sat. evening.

    I got carried away talking about my product and I forgot to say yes, I have all 3 tests.
    Hi George,

    Would you happen to know the approx. date the ro/di will arrive? Thanks

    Any word on the ro/di unit?

    I know the tang is needing more space (I read at least 100 gallons), so I guess I'll try to trade it before it gets too big. Can I post in a new thread or is there a specific location for Okies to trade & sell?

    Thank you
    I am down for your BRS group buy. Was planning to order some dry rock anyways. I am in Canada and have ordered from BRS many times. As long as they don't mind adding me to a US group buy, I am in. is my BRS userID
    george, just wanted to know if you were going to be available tonight for me to get the cyclopeze. i had to drop Gregs water barrell off to him, and figured i could knock out 2 birds w/ one stone. plus i didnt want to leave you hanging, tomorrow isnt a good day for me to pick it up, possibly friday or maybe sunday. just let me know what works for you.

    My tank is coming along nicely...yes I know I need to post some pics!! Anyway, do you know any one in OKC who has a Purple Monster and is willing to part with frag?


    I just want to Re-iterate, whatever you decide to do regarding CRASE is perfectly fine with me. Its a huge amount of work, in fact more so than running the club. If you want me to have control, it will remain as an affiliate of COMAS, not some venture of mine. If you think it is something the President of COMAS should have control over, then thats equally fine with me as well.

    Whatever you want to do.

    I hope I didnt come across as an *** regarding the BOD of COMAS. I really want you to have free reign with the way you think COMAS should go. I know myself well enough to know I would try and have you have my way- and thats wrong of me. Instead, I want to offer my complete support to making your vision work. So ill happily recuse myself from the BOD but be more than happy to offer advice/critique insight wherever possible.

    Hope that clarifies my position somewhat.


    Hi--I'm not sure who you are because I'm a brand new guy. I'm the old man with real long hair(temporarly). I was reading about Jacobs new tank and you mentioned there is alot of wxperience in our club with drilling tanks. I am getting ready to set up an 80 and would kind like to drill it--I think!! Could you tell me who to contact about it? Thamks
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