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    Lightsluvr's 340G Upgrade

    Lynn - How have you been?? Did you ever get another tank. We need to get together for coffee - SOON. We still live same place in Edmond. Geo
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    Lightsluvr's 340G Upgrade

    Thanks Johnny. Hope your tank goes well ! LL
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    Lightsluvr's 340G Upgrade

    After almost 8 years, we decided to close this tank. It has been part of our family and most of the livestock pictured in this thread are still living today. We sold the livestock and coral to a nearby aquarist. Another aquarist bought the tank, stand and many accessories to replace a 300 gallon...
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    Our 375g reef tank build & fish room

    Glad to see you back, Ed & Sandy.
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    Are you really on here? ;-)

    Are you really on here? ;-)
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    My system is for sale

    350G System for sale. See: The listed thread should answer any questions. I will be offering as a unit first; the "best buy". If no one is interested in the entire system, I will sell the livestock first, then live rock, lights...
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    Selling the farm

    Due to health reasons, I am selling my entire saltwater system. I want to find someone to buy the entire system and will give priority to someone who has the ability to buy it all. To read the entire saga of the Lightsluvr "ocean", please click on my "home page" in the drop-down beneath my...
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    new fish.

    Hows it doing after almost 3 weeks? LL
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    Saturday banquet at MACNA

    +1 That's what we will be wearing, regardless... :beer: LL
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    The plan is that a tech from A.G. E. will be driving up from Texas on Friday and start sealing the eurobrace first thing Saturday Morning. After the eurobrace sets up and cures, his next step is to place an external stainless steel powder coated angle brace on the top and exterior for additional...
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    I have heard from my LFS - yes it's Leigh Anne at Aquariums. She has been in touch with the good folks at A.G.E. and they have a plan to fix the issue. Thank goodness the tank is made of top grade material and supported by a responsible dealer and manufacturer. I drew down less than an inch...
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    Stephanie, I did not read your thread about your tank issue. The side panel seam started leaking again last night and is slowly getting worse. It looks like I am going to be drawing down the water later today. I may start as soon as I get off work in a few hours. I will put coral in one stock...
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    Greg, Tonya and Doug - thanks very much for the very kind offers. I will let you know what needs to be done when I get a plan formulated. As long as I keep the closed loop off, I am not losing water. However, it is clear that something must be done about the eurobrace. I anxiously await...
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    Macro - Yes I have the acrylic eurobrace, PVC bottom, and glass walls. Once I turned off the closed loop, the leaking at the rear seam stopped (thank goodness) so that leak also appears related to the eurobrace. Once water from the closed loop stopped slopping up under the eurobrace, the...