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    Free to good home

    Alex07 says he's coming to get it. PM me your number in case he doesn't come through.
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    Free to good home

    I've had my kole tang for about 3 years. It eats absolutely everything, and is kind of scrappy. I am moving and downsizing to a 29 gallon, so I can't keep the dude, unfortunately. Pick up on Saturday when I remove rocks and drain the tank. Otherwise he goes to the LFS.
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    Brittle star arm alive and kicking after 2 days

    I would tear down the entire tank and burn the contents. But that's just me.
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    Algae ID please

    This algae is terrible. Mexican turbos cleaned it right up. They are big and will consume a lot of it. I'd say start with 3. They will likely die off as the algae disappears.
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    Some one help me!!!!!

    I would think a 75 gallon is too small for the Squarespot anthias, as well. They are one of the larger species of anthias, and really need a large water volume. You may say you are upgrading in the future, but you should really stock for what you have now. Sometimes things happen in life to...
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    Help with some random questions

    In a 29 gallon you are pretty limited with what you can stock. Even for the flame, it's too small. The maroon clown is probably the most aggressive clown there is. If you add one, I wouldn't look forward to adding anything else! From what I've read, Blue spots are hit or miss. If you like...
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    Reef Chili - How much do you guys use?

    You dump the entire contents into the tank. Not the whole bottle of Reef Chili, but the entire cup of water you have mixed the recommended amount for your tank in.
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    How to buy fish in Today's Market

    I'd say stock for what you have now, not for what you are planning. A lot can happen in a year, and that seems like too much of a bioload for a 75 gallon. Either way, good luck.
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    RVANANO's 300 peninsula reef build

    I haven't read the whole thread but...are you putting a 4 runner in there? Kidding, but is that a Potter's Leopard wrasse?
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    Raising a Bimac Inklet (journal)

    Just read this all today and wow! What an amazing thread. Sorry for your loss. RIP Kermie.
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    Clean up crew member you can't live without?

    :lmao: You belong in the lounge! :thumbsup:
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    Reddish/Pink stuff in Refugium?

    Does it look like cotton candy? If so, I had this same problem. Not sure what it is or what causes it, but if it ever makes it into your display, mexican turbo snails eat it. I found improving my water quality did nothing to get rid of it. I'd pluck it out of the fuge for now.
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    Clean up crew member you can't live without?

    Mexican turbo snails. Those suckers eat any and all algae.
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    Reefing on a budget, some pictures.

    Great tank, Kimberly. I love the picture of the eel in the yellow polyps.
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    How much should I be feeding??

    I feed twice a day. Pellets in the morning when I'm off to work, and some sort of frozen food or black worms in the evenings, when I have more time to thaw/rinse. Every other day the tangs get nori. With your bioload, I'd divide that cube into two and feed twice a day. I have 10 fish and...