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    yes i still have mp60. its old model not a quiet drive

    yes i still have mp60. its old model not a quiet drive
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    Fish Ideas for 650

    Queen Angel is a must have for that size of a tank
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    Too large fish population?

    After 6 months and by feeding generously 3 times a day my NO3 and PO4 are undetectable with the Hanna photometers and with the Salifert tests. My seller suggests that I add to "pollute" the tank: 5 Pseudanthias squamipinnis up to 15 cm adults. What do you think of this additional population...
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    RODI system

    You are welcome
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    RODI system

    Yes there are more waste water than product water 1:4 that the ratio to my RO/DI unit. My waste water goes straight to the drain. If you are collecting waste water you would ne a container 4 times at big at your holding storage. A flow valve to stop water from running whenever storage is full...
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    Clownfish unusual behavior

    She might be cleaning out a spot to laid her eggs. Will have to see
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    Bubble tip anemone

    Yes leave it be you might damage the foot by trying to move it
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    Final post on getting another fish or two

    What about a couple of these Banggai Cardinalfish
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    So Disappointed

    Could not agree with you more there. Back in the days when I started out with saltwater is all about the books. Now a days you can do a lot of research on the net
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    Advice please on adding powerhead to aquarium for circulation

    It sort of depend on your rocks work and placement of corals also. At one time I did have 2 x 1" sea swirl on my return, 4 x MP60 and MP40 and still seem like I have dead spot
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    Rodi fitting

    If you can change you cold water shut off valve under the sink from just a 3/8 to a 3/8 and 1/4. This 1/4 can connect to your RO/DI inlet. Something like this
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    Fish Question

    Queen Angel
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    Adding copepods

    Buy from hollback he on the sale forum here.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish :)

    Its sad to think that one day in the future I be doing the same. My first was in the late 80's. I had worked up to the existing 375 gallons. Hope you be back in the hobby with a nano soon
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    ro/di filter producing way way to much waste water

    How do you warm water?