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    Magic Cure?

    I used it, works amazingly well. No side effects on the corals
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    Wanted: Disney Acro/Rainbow Coral

    I hear it looks like $150 colony once grown out
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    Looking to buy...

    I have some green polyp toadstool leather frags you can have. I am near usf
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    Free- 2 clowns and melanurus wrasse

    My melaranus 4.5" is fine with both of my fairy wrasses. The lubbocks and cf. Cyanopleura were added years after as well.
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    I like nonstressful diving. And if I can easily swim from shore into water beyond the limits of safe diving, then the boat seems optional.
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    Surprised people don't think the shore dives are good. I have been several times, always shore dives. We hit the new region where the turtle farm used to be. There is a restaurant ( cracked conch) that had a dive shop in the bottom and it has a keyhole to swim out of. Less than 50m off shore is...
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    Vodka Carbon Dosing Actually Works!

    ^ this times eleventybillion. In each of my tank through the years, if my alkalinity was good (acceptable value and consistent) everything did great
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    LF: clear netting

    Group buy!
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    Local NSW

    You may want to pull the nutrient data for that station as well.
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    Local NSW

    Station is just south of Fred Howard. Pretty good variation in there. Alkalinity and calcium may be low as well
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    Local NSW

    Check your salinity at Fred howard
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    FS: WWC Christmas Mirabilis Acropora

    Man Bobby, way to go all out on treatment. Really wish I had some more room. Maybe I should just hack up the birds nest colonies
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    Group buy: Jebao Wireless RW

    Sorry everyone, I am going a different route
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    Group buy: Jebao Wireless RW

    Hmm, was hoping to get one asap.