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  • Hi Richard. Finally its that time. My tank is fully cycled and ready to accept coral. I was hoping that I could stop by possibly tomorrow or even Friday to pick up the coral from you. My number is 4083359461. LMK what time works best for you. Thanks and I really appreciate everything

    Good morning Richard. I have my tank up and its been cycling for 3 days. Can we coordinate a day to come and pick up the live rock so it could help speed up the cycle? Thank you
    kewl....that was worries bro...get settled in the house...and set up slowly....get saltwater flowing for a week...than you are ready....
    Hey Richard, were finally getting into a place this Saturday. How is everything going? Thanks again for everything
    hey me at is better...I have systems here...will put all your livestock in one of them so you can take your tank and get it set up with saltwater to be ready to restock it again when you are ready..

    sea ya
    Sup Richard... I gave you a call but it went straight to voicemail. I wanted to let you know that I'll be arriving in Tampa on the 20th.

    For clarification, did you have a tank available for me to put my stock in or will I be setting up my tank at a spot you have available?

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