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    Tampa Bay Saltwater Live Sand

    TBS live sand is great for Pearly Jawfish burrows. Live Sand Shipped Air Cargo Live Sand shipped next day UPS
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    New Crab Meets Sump

    lovely photo
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater Live Sand

    Hand Harvested Live Sand from the Tampa Bay Saltwater aquaculture site located in the Gulf of Mexico TBS Live Sand Hiya Folks, let's talk Real Live Sand from Tampa Bay Saltwater. Benefits- naturally improve aquarium health by diversifying the microorganisms within your system with fresh...
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    New to the game, looking for opinions

    Only have experience with the CPR overflow box with air pump for continuous siphon after a power outages. That little air pump was a lifesaver! Consider a lid for jumpers. I'd wait on the UV and Ozone to add later if you need it. Save yourself future headaches and seed the FOWLR with real...
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    This is the largest decorator crab we have ever seen. It traveled up to the boat on some live rock, and we returned him to the bottom to continue livin' the dream. In other news: Woot, Woot, the new website is getting so close to a reveal!!! ...maybe FRIDAY!!!! ....maybe not.
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    JCole's Glass box of Acro's(Soon to be 1000 gallons)

    You might consider a bit of fresh from the ocean bottom diver harvested live sand for your new system to add some diverse microorganisms.
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    Shark Sighting Sale: Benefits Mote Marine Shark Conservation

    Shark sightings make our day! Seeing a hammer head shark en route to the lease site means it is going to be a good day harvesting live rock. With local news reporting heavy shark activity in our back yard and in honor of the vintage Tampa Bay Saltwater shark logo; we decided to celebrate this...
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    Hand harvested live sand is $2.50 per pound.
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    Lots of desirable critters come up on the live rock: urchins, stars, porcelains and sometimes sea hares. We do have cucs in stock.
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    Check out this gorgeous sand that Jocelyn harvested yesterday! Full of incredible biodiversity and good looking too!
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    A first for us as well!
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    Cryptic Sponge & Sea Squirt Filtration Methodology

    Live rock cryptic zones have always been interesting to me.
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    What's happening here at RC? Latest TBS goings ons: Received 3rd container of Walt Smith to plant soon, received a pallet of Marco rock to try, decided to order a truck load of shipping boxes to keep up with orders, lots of bryozoans on the live rock this time of year, too many traps near the...
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    How to order?

    Howdy, Look for our new website coming the end of this month! Woot Woot! We have been taking orders via email and shipping air cargo. Send us a note, if you need anything. J
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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    Howdy! Howdy! Just checking in here on RC. Tampa Bay Saltwater is rolling out the orders. While the web site is under construction, we are keeping plenty busy harvesting and shipping. You can contact us via email if you have questions or would like to order. Rock-On...