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    re-using equipment

    Its been 4-5 yrs since I stopped my reef tank-still have my sump filter with hoses and hang on side of tank fill box but never cleaned it out its just been sitting.I plan on starting up again.Bought a new 75g tank but can I re-use the sump or do I need to purchase a new one.Thanks for any input
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    tank dead-what happened

    due to hurricane irene i lost power for 54 hours-basically came down to not having flow for that time-after 24-36 hours all the fish except a couple died and the corals damaged or dead why after such a short time-what happened
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    good,bad or no issue with live rock????

    i have florida gulf live rock-form tampa bay saltwater- for a year and 8 months now-because of a lack of a substantial cleaning crew the rock was getting alot of filamentous algae and a little green alge So i got a cleaning crew for my 75g-basic crabs and snails and added some more snails in...
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    What is this thing..

    looks like a live rock hitchiking anenome-maybe a curly cue
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    whats happening to my zoas

    i have a number of small to medium colored zoathids in my 75g tank for several months that have been thriving and multiplying all this time but in just the last week or so a small section on a few of the colonies and one small colony all together has closed up-shrunken and sort of disintegrated...
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    protein skimmer acting strangely-any ideas

    just did a water change and unplugged my skimmer and stopped the sump filter just before the change as usual-after the change i plugged the skimmer back in and it started skimmimg up more water than foam and is filling up the cup in minutes and i have to keep emptying it never really did this...
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    how long without daylight before problems

    i have a t-5 vho fixture with 2 daylight and 2 acitinic blue bulbs and last night the 2 daylights blew and i think it was the ballast so just replacing the bulbs wont do-my 2 acitinic blues are still ok- i cant get a new fixture for a couple of days-i have corals-how long before i start having...
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    opinions on pygmy angels and polyp corals especially zoanthids

    love the beauty and activity of pygmy angels of all types, but i also love colored zoanthids-in my last set up-i woke up every day to a few polyps missing each time-and i am very weary about getting another -like a coral beauty or flame angel-i know they can nip-but do you think they eat the...
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    heater broke-waiting for a new one-temp down a bit-will the tank be ok??

    my basic submersible glass heater broke a few days ago after years and my 75g reef tank was at 76-77 degrees with it-now while i wait for a new one any day[purchased online for $12-wouldnt pay 40 in the lfs for the same]- the tank is around 72-74-will i be ok until the new heater arrives?
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    do torch corals host clowns?

    have had a forch coral for a couple months-just got a skunk clown last week and it keeps getting very close to going in the torch like it wants to go in but then backs away-do torchs usually host?
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    whens lights went on today i noticed a swarm of tiny little white things????

    when the acitinic lights went on about 20 mins ago there is a swarm of little white things-almost like knats-swimming around near the surface of the tank-but isolated to an area and i see a couple of fish eating them now i do have a couple a peppermint shrimp in the tank that was part of the...
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    how can i stop the cyano right now-before it spreads

    my 75g reef is up and running for 2 months now without any issues-making regular water changes of 20% every 10 days-everything and one is doing nicely-in fact i just added part 2 of the package from tampa bay saltwater 5 days ago just today-about 15min ago i noticed 2 small patches-i mean half...
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    what kind of shrimp for a crab trap?

    im going to try the plastic bottle trick to try and catch a few gorilla crab hitchikers in my tank everyone says to put shrimp in the bottle-what kind of shrimp exactly-are we talking simply about frozen mysis or any frozen shrimp-in that frozen cube form? if so-i hope it stays on the bottom...
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    if you cant beat em-then i leavin em

    yeah but if i try to get all these out ill have dead rock not live rock
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    are my lights on long enough

    75g tank 216watts t-5ho-and i dont have an algae problem at the moment-