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    Carpet in trouble, has anyone seen this before?

    Thanks MarinaP. I left it in the tank and monitored with camera overnight hoping for some positive change. Today, it's almost the same however I do notice some tissue at the top which looks to be dying. I may have to remove today.
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    Carpet in trouble, has anyone seen this before?

    My carpet has been like this the past day. Funny thing is that it's not turning to mush and the foot is firmly attached. I've had this anem for over 2 years in this tank and 3 years prior in a different one. I've treated many carpets before and doubt treatment would render any positive...
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    sick carpet anemone mouth wide open

    Interesting, it kind of looks like it just ate something as opposed to the mouth gaping. How long has the mouth been like that? How long have you had the anemone? Because it looks new to the system, I wouldn't feed. I'd also recommend separating the clowns until the anemone has had time to...
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    underwater vid of new baby blue gig

    You are well on your way to recovery. Nice job!
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    Blue gigantea anemone on the move

    Are you using calcium reactor?
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    Red Haddoni's mouth puffed up
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    Worm's S. Gig

    I agree with keeping lights low. I didn't feel like buying window screen so I used a couple sheets of Xerox paper on a plexi cover. After first 3 days of treatment removed one sheet, after next two days removed the final sheet. Gig responded well. Good luck with your continued treatment
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    2 New Gigs. Time for Cipro?

    I can only speak from my experiences and what has been successful for me. I will continue to follow my protocol but do respect yours as well. BTW, I did not see any evidence that the OP fed the anemone or stated that feeding the anemone led to it's demise.
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    2 New Gigs. Time for Cipro?

    It looks really good. With the gig looking healthy and also being sticky I would try to feed an eraser size piece of food. I use shrimp. With all three of my gigs I did this after 7 days of treatment. If the gig eats, I take that as a sign that it's ready for the DT. Good luck!
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    New purple gigantea

    Looks awesome!
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    New Green Gig

    Very beautiful!
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    Allelopathy between haddoni and gigantea?

    I don't think it's the pH because the other two gigs are fine. Just the initial established green deflates. It's back to normal today. Will continue to monitor the pattern. Oh yeah, I don't dose kalk. Thanks
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    Allelopathy between haddoni and gigantea?

    Interesting, I'm experiencing this same behavior with my existing green gig after a blue gig was added. It has shrunken two days in a row. I worry but it's not like the deflate/inflate cycle we're used to seeing when an anemone is going downhill. The tentacles remain long just deflated and...
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    Show off your S. gigantea

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