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    Are two 75W Jager heaters good for 75 gal?

    Run them off the same port. Ideally what you are looking for is a heater that will heat your whole tank, the second one would be for back up in case one would fail. Not two together that could barely get the job done.
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    Dusting off live rock..

    you can siphon through a filter sock, then put the water back into your tank. That is if your are cleaning it often
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    Replacing MH and T5 bulbs, suggestions?

    IMO this is what I would go with
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    Brown algae,cyano or Dino help

    Looks like diatoms. Silica cant set it off, either from the sand, silicone, or somewhere else. It's a pain but after it eats it all up things go back to normal. That is as long as everything else is in check. How long has your system been running.
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    Acrylic blade ?

    all the above, and some water to keep it cool, otherwise it just melts it
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    Acrylic blade ?

    all the above, and some water to keep it cool, otherwise it just melts it
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    could always add a second DI resin cartride, that may pull out the rest of the Phos that getting missed
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    Lights for clean up crew?

    you don't actually have to run them at all, but you could start with 4-6 hours and work your way up if you would like. More of a personal preference, plus getting the tank accustomed to the lights so you don't have a huge algae out break
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    I had one in the past that was getting attacked from a bristle worm. Needless to say, it didn't pull through. Any way, I did some research and basically came up with the fact that the clam was slowly dying even though I couldn't see it myself. My clean up crew was just doing their jobs. Not...
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    I'm running bare bottom. It's strange to have silica now. Never did before. I'll just let the brown diatom slime eat it all up and run its course. Had a very fast mini cycle and was hoping to slowly move forward. It's not a big deal, I can wait for everything to be right
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    Trouble getting skimmer running.

    Sometimes you have to blow air into them to get them working right, like my Octo NW150, then I have another I have to suck on the tube to get is started.
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    Upgrade Time 120g -> 180g

    I would make the return section smaller, but that is just my prefrence. That could allow you to have a larger area for an in sump skimmer, or place for your chaeto. 40 gallon sump seems a little small for a tank that size, but i'm sure will work. You will have to limit the flow through it or...
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    Not a new reefer but new to this problem. I have 120g that I had down for a few years back up and going now. It has been cycling for almost a month, everything was normal. Then I changed my lights out from 250W HQI, to 25OW with Lumenbright reflectors. As soon as I changed Diatoms exploded...
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    Fragging Zoas in the tank

    you can just cut the mat, in-between the heads. Then I use a wood chisel and scrap part of the rock off with the mat. Then place what you took off where you want or on some rubble
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    Frag toolkit

    I use razor blades, surgical tongs, and stainless steel side cutters.