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    My Tang looks like a puffer fish!!!! What's wrong?

    [not helpful or courteous.]--Sk8r, mod.
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    Back to the hobby after 7 years

    Don't do it, reefs around the world can't handle any more pressure from hobbyists. Go with fresh water or get your scuba license!
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    Sad looking coral

    They’ll be dead within days. Dismantle your salt tank and build it back as an African cichlid tank, they’ll even propagate and you can sell babies back to the pet shop!
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    10 gallon budget tank

    10 gallon tank? This is a seriously bad idea. Those animals are all going to die.
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    After 5 hour power outage I went and found the cheapest generator I could

    This is depressing and exactly why you should dismantle your reef tank.
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    Drain tank and start over? or other options?

    Drain it. And get SCUBA certified and enjoy reef and their habitants where they live naturally.
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    Break Down Your Tanks - This Hobby Kills

    Find some freshwater species which you can support and procreate ( African cichlids) - the end of reef keeping needs to happen sooner rather than later. Broke mine down 10 years ago, have been spreading g the word ever since s your $400 LED light isn't going to make anything better for the coral.
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    Reef Aquarium Environmental Impact

    I left the hobby because of this. Go snorkeling/scuba diving instead.
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    May have made a mistake....

    Let me remove you from your home and put you in a 3x3x3 box and see how you feel? Come on now...
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    Is it safe to drink RO water?

    Your logic is flawed. RO will do no harm.
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    hippo tang suddenly dies?

    Finding the hippo a new home and completely screwing up how to transfer if are two different subjects. Stress is also your guess as to the fish death? No ****?
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    hippo tang suddenly dies?

    Why didn't you trap him and then take him (in a large receptacle to the new home) rather than leave him in the trap while you ate? Sorry, but this is just stupid.
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    Phos Reactor. Which one to buy

    I just set up the 2 Little Fishes unit the other day. Fairly simple, but no tubing with it. I set it up with a Maxijet 600.
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    won pro heater, must see

    IMO a product so associated with water should be grounded. Yes if you HAVE a GFCI I suppose you are protected but this is all very subjective. Not everyone has a GFCI so how about these folks and as many have said it is sold to you with a three prong plug assuming to you that it is grounded...
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    What is the best airstone for a protein skimmer?

    I have never made a BALSA wood one before. I used to frequent a shop where the owner made them. I must admit they looked pretty good, and the foam they made was even better. What are teh disadvantages Tag?