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    90 gallon reef FS

    I'm selling my 90 gallon reef, the dimensions are 3'x2'x2'. Everything except the light. Jabeo power head, gyre, return pumps dosing pump, Bio pellet reactor, protein skimmer, 100 lbs of live rock, as well as various odds and ends. $500
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    Reef gear for sale.

    items that are left, 1 40 gallon breeder $20 1 sump, not sure the size, was on a 54 corner reef. $50
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    Reef gear for sale.

    I have some older equipment for sale that I am getting rid of, I'm sure someone can find some use for this stuff. 2 250w double ended MH fixtures, I know most people don't use these but I couldn't let these go to waste. $50 for both 1 sump, not sure the size, was on a 54 corner...
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    Skimz Calcium Rx

    Good luck, I’ve been trying to sell multiple calcium reactors in the last year, I gave one away for next to nothing and have decided to use the other. They just are not in demand anymore.
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    Live rock FS

    I have 100 to 140lbs of live rock curing in a 40 gallon breeder. $100 for everything. Chris
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    Free chaeto!!!!

    do you still have any? I'm in south san jose as well.
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    looking for cheato

    That won’t be an issue. Pms returned, still looking. Thank you
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    looking for cheato

    Looking for someone who has some extra cheato they can spare located in the south bay. thanks Chris
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    Walt Disney frags - $40

    That is something I can get behind Daddi0.
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    help choosing a budget light for a tank

    the links did not work for me.
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    LF Chaeto

    I'm also looking for some, preferably in san jose.
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    I’d be interested in a few of them if you need help getting them off the rocks