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    Hawaiian ban has gone through.

    Im seeing yellow tangs for 120.00 USD each at the LFS... Time to start selling your yellow tangs..
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    Sump Design

    If I do that.. wont fuge collect waste and my pods and other valuable things get sucked out by the skimmer.
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    Sump Design

    RC, I am designing a new sump and have a question.... I am having an issue with my sump design... My skimmer needs about 9" of water and I would prefer to have more than 9" of water for my fuge... Please advise.
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    filling a tank/sand in before of after?

    Just go barebottom...LOL ... If not... then Rock + water for a few inches... then sand (let settle)... then fill up the rest of the way...
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    Biggest reef fish?

    Unicorn tangs are large. Seen a few up to 16" long and thick as a burrito
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    Too much light... what to do now

    I put them down low. They were only about 4" from the bottom. Alk is around 9. Thanks... I had the light rack custom made. Each AI can be adjusted left and right and the whole unit goes up and down. :)
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    Too much light... what to do now

    Here are some pics of my light set up
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    Too much light... what to do now

    I have 6 AI Sols over my 360. White is now at 35%, blue and royal blue is 45%.
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    Too much light... what to do now

    I burned the tips of couple of new acros I added to the tank. I turned down the lights by 20% and I do not see any more burning. What can I do now to help the coral.
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    Got a another Vortec and I forgot how to pair it with my Apex

    Can someone help. I added a 3rd MP40 to my tank and I forgot how to pair it with the apex.. Please help
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    Kill the lionfish?

    I heard Lionfish tastes awesome. There are several cookbooks on the subject. When I dove Key Largo, in October, I didnt see any, but I was told that they just had a roundup a week before we got there.
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    Bioballs and a bio pellet reactor, match made in heaven?

    I think you would need A LOT of pellets to offset the nitrates from the fish AND bioballs.
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    Green Hair Algae

    I got stuck by a bunch while diving in Mexico. Take tweezers and remove the spine broken off in your skin. Other than that they are pretty harmless. On a separate note, many omnivores like to eat urchin. I had a sohol and a naso that would eat them in less than a day.
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    Need a heater

    I could only find the 250w jagers... so I ordered 2 of them.
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    Need a heater