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    Selling my un-used 40B SPS frag system.

    Hey everybody, been a while since I've posted here (and I was kind of a lurker as it is). Unfortunately, as my duties at work have increased over the past year, I find less and less time for reefing. Even worse, as soon as I got this system running in my garage, I learned that the electrical...
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    Can corals be grown under LED?

    I've been growing SPS coral in an all-LED BioCube 14 reliably for over a year, at all depths in the tank. I haven't yet found a color or species or that's problematic. Soft corals are obviously not a problem, I've seen reliable growth from Zoanthids, Sympodium, Mushrooms, Cristata, etc. As far...
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    FS: Maculosus Angel

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    FS: Maculosus Angel

    Can you bring it to the swap if you still have it? Sorry about the delay, I've been traveling and totally forgot.
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    WRC 2012 frag swap

    I'll be there.
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    FS: Maculosus Angel

    Actually, the 24x24x10 is a better fit for me. I'd prefer that if it's still available.
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    FS: Maculosus Angel

    I'll take the 48 x 24 x 10 off your hands.
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    PG&E this month

    *various religious hand signals in praying position* 14 gallon FTW.
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    WRC 2012 frag swap

    Saw the frags at Jofish today. Good stuff. Hopefully I can make it.
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    thanks Grant

    It is very rare in any hobby to find someone who is so generous with their time, materials, knowledge, and most importantly, genuine encouragement and passion. Grant has continuously impressed me with his generosity in all these things. Congrats on avoiding a catastrophe, and kudos to Grant...
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    Jan 2 Zero drive up to Jofish

    Not this time bud, but I still owe you something and I could use some chaeto at some point.
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    Zero's upcoming frag tank man-cave

    What's a surge tank? Link?
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    Free big GSP colony.

    This post was from last April... I got rid of it then.
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    PAR Meter

    I'm relatively confident that I'm still overlighting my nano, and I want to get it dialed in. Additionally, I want to ensure that my frag system gets dialed in appropriately in terms of lighting as well. I'm not planning on buying a PAR meter, but if there is one to borrow, rent, or beg for...
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    Reef LED

    Depends on which LEDs and how you're going to drive them. You could definitely get away with it depending on what you want to keep.