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    Foxface eat caulerpa?

    A friend of mine used a foxface to rid his tank of derbesia and I was considering using one to help with my derbesia issue. However my tank has a good amount of caulerpa in it. Does anyone have experience keeping a foxface with caulerpa? Will the foxface eat my caulerpa? Thanks for any...
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    Where to get macroalgae and marine vascular plants
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    Hair algae toxic to Mexican turbos?

    Tom, Good advice. The picking off and tooth brushing ( and later net sweeping) is an endless task, but very effective. I do my water changes as 40-50% weekly, so I may be getting the same amount of water turn over that you get at 60-70% every other week. But the big question in my mind is...
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    Hair algae toxic to Mexican turbos?

    Interesting Tom, Do you have any other suggestions as far as herbivores ? I once had a Ransford Goby that nibbled at the stuff, but has since exspired. (Another argument for algae toxicity) In the same genus is the brown Barred Goby, who my LFS gal swears eats the stuff, but I haven't been...
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    Hair algae toxic to Mexican turbos?

    Danny, I have experienced the same issue with turbo snails. I had what I thought to be a derbesia (hairalgae) infestation. I purchased a dozen Mexican turbo snails in a matter of a few days I watched them slowly die...all of them. I have found that caulerpa hasn't gone asexual if the...
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    Marine planted tank photo's, FINALLY:)

    Great Tank Tom. GWD has some great unique specimens there !! An awesome classification text for Caribbean macros is: Marine Plants of the Caribbean by Littler, Littler Bucher and Norris If you want to spend some bucks, try these by the same authors...
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    Sold as "Moss Balls" - looking for ID

    Is this similar looking to yours ?
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    Please help ID this Macro

    John, How long are the cyndrical, fingerlike projections ? About 3 cm? Does the plant exhibit distinct calcified rings, or bands that encircle the entire upright ? Are the tops fuzzy ? Or are the fronds fleshy ? Do you know the origin of you LR ? It is a tough macro to ID, but we will give it...
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    Let's see pics of your planted tanks

    That would be Galaxaura marginata. I was told it is a Caribbean species, but someone pointed out to me it is also found in the Pacific. Very slow grower, and tends to get algae covered.
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    Let's see pics of your planted tanks

    Here are some close-ups. Yes that is turtlegrass on the bottom right, and the tank has been running for 2 years now.
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    Let's see pics of your planted tanks

    Some nice looking tanks here. here is mine: