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  • Good no new threads, I will check back here forever in case you come back. It may only be $100 you stole but I'm trying to get it back in karma.
    I guess I will never see my money as it's been over a year. Reef central mods don't care and paypal can't do anything. In fact I got in trouble from the mods for asking for my money back! Buyer beware
    OK talked to paypal and they say a simple phone call from you would clear this all up. I made it VERY clear that you don't owe me the full amount as I had already received a partial refund. I have never claimed to you or anyone that you owed me more than the difference after partial refund. It looks like it's $111 or something so just give them a call and they will step you through everything.
    paypal # 866-888-6080

    My patience is growing thin..on top of that you report me for something you did wrong. Call paypal if they have not already contacted you and they will verify everything.
    Paypal will be contacting you shortly as I just called them. And no I never received the rest of my money and paypal confirms this. Please refund the remaining and all communications will stop (By This Sunday @ 4pm)
    timmy77, keep posting them, you got it back already. Everything went through paypal, and when they saw you got refunded, they unrestricted my account.
    Still waiting for the money you owe me....... I will never stop posting these untill I get my money back.
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