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    plumbing question

    Thanks guys. For some reason our home depot doesn't carry them. I'll check out an auto supply store or just shove the tubing on somehow
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    plumbing question

    Anyone know where I can get a barbed reducer to go 1/2" to 5/8" ?? I got the nextreef SMR1 biopellet reactor and the thing has 5/8" fittings!! I wanted to T off my return with a valve and I have 1/2" flex tubing on it.
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    how do i keep a goniopora alive?

    +1! I had mine for 6 months and haven't had time to feed it and needless to say it is receding. Definitely get an ORA one if you can and feed!
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    Too many snails?

    Some will die off and hermits will eat some. I wouldn't worry.
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    Aaarrrggg's 144g Half Circle Dream

    that is an awesome shot of that egg sack! I love those little snails and was lucky to get a couple on the LR I got. Now my whole tank is populated! The nerite snails reproduce readily as well. Tank is looking good! Glad to see you anemones are doing better. Same thing happened to me and mine...
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    How often do YOU do water changes?

    I have a 125 gallon and I do 30 gallons once a month. Never had an issue with nitrate or phosphates as I use cheato and GFO which I change every 2 months. I wipe the glass about once a week.
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    On the fence . . .Vortech or Tunze?

    I go with neither. I use koralia evolutions 1400s and they work just fine. I bought the smartwave from koralia and have it set on alternate. I also have screens on my tank and I just run the cords towards the side and squish them down :) I just don't see the need for the overpriced water pumps.
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    rainbow cleaner wrasse w/ coris wrasse?

    I would say 30 gallon is actually quite small for the yellow wrasse. I have one and he's a good 4 inches and swims constantly. I have a 125 gallon though. they DO jump too mine hits the mesh on top all the time.
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    Are yellow coris wrasses reef safe?

    yep I have had mine for about 2 months now and I WISH he would eat some feather dusters but he hasn't! he swims a lot and searches for food. totally an awesome fish. supposedly they will keep pests off corals too such as nudibranchs on zoanthids.
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    Anthias eye protruding?

    melafix helps popeye and is reef safe. Just be sure you get the marine one or your skimmer will go nuts
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    What's the general opinion on ATI's coral plus T5 bulb?

    LFS had one above one tank and aquablue above another. the coral plus seemed more pink/red to me. reminded me a lot of the color of the purple+ which I didn't care for. I'll stick to my blue+, actinic and aquablue :)
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    Tail Spot Blenny or Court Jester Blenny

    That's weird mine doesn't sit in a hole at all! he bounces around the rocks picking at algae. he loves to sit on my monti cap :) LOVE the tailspot, such character
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    Pest control wrasse but..

    I put a glass tupperware in the QT tank with some tank sand in it. The wrasse actually used it lol. I just threw it out after I was done.
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    Feeding Mandarin's live brine shrimp

    just be sure to feed the brine shrimp some phytoplan for extra nutrients. I fed my mandarin this for a long time. I got one of those sea squirters to directly shoot some at my mandarin which she recognized. She lived only a year though sadly :( so who knows. She died fat so I have no clue the...
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    Pest control wrasse but..

    i have a yellow coris and he doesn't bother snails, crabs or my cleaner shrimp :) very pretty yellow color too. keep in mind they bury themselves at night, so if you don't see them for a couple of days, you'll know where they are.