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  • If I can make the March meeting, I have 3 frags of Kenya tree that naturally separated from mother colony. I originally received this coral from the program over 2 years ago.
    I was once told by a predecessor of yours that they didn't need any more frags of this. Let me know if you want these and i'll get them back to the program.

    Thank you,

    Bob Mennel
    hey Lynn I updated my album with some new pictures of my 100g bow, tell me what you think
    hey lynn, what frags will u be bringing to the meeting. i will bring u some green monti and purple monti along with some zoas im sure.
    Lynn, It has been awhile but I will be bringing a green mushroom to the meeting Sat. Do you have anything with bright colors that i can get?
    I would like to get some more fags if possible at the meeting. I still have the 55 gallon with compact lighting, but will be upgrading to a 75 with 6 T5's next week.

    The mushrooms that we got last meeting are doing fine.
    Lynn, I am a new member of COMAS. The frag program looks great. What do I need to do to participate? I have recently started adding corals to my tank. I seem to be drawn to anything of color and have several small frags of zoas. Unfortunately most of what I have is still small, but hopefully can share soon. Not that you want any, but l have several tree corals and some galaxia(sp). I have 2 400watt metal halides over my 280 gallon tank( lots of space for corals) So should be able to grow most anything with a little direction. I live in Edmond, is it ok to stop by and pick up a frag or two? Just let me know what is the correct way to do this.
    Thanks, Steve
    Hey wondered if you could anwser a couple of questions about the sump and plumbing for me? My tank has two over flow boxes now do those drain into the sump by gravity or a pump? second question is on my return do i run one pump then tee off to come out both over flow boxes Or anything else i should. Thanks Brian

    Free or near free you are looking at:

    local churches, like Crossings Community Church
    or community mental health centers like sunbeam, northcare, edmond youth council

    Do you not have any benefits through either of your jobs. I'll be glad to check and find out if you call the office: 842-6552 or cell 823-2069
    or fax front and back of your insurance card to 842-6559

    Let me know what I can do
    I am in serious need of some marrage counseling. Can you please provide some references for a free or near-free marrage counselor? I know you are a counselor, but I need a complete non-biased councel.

    How are you doing? Good I hope!
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