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  • How old is the light? Approximately how long has it been in service? I may be interested, where are you located. Also interested in some acylic work Rich
    Looking for an internal overflow box for a herbie for my 60 cube. Black, no teeth cut prob 16" long, to be siliconed to the back wall. How much would that run me?
    Funny thing is i never really looked at this.... wow, you'd think i would have got some sort of message, maybe i did and never saw it. If you guys still need anything just let me know, sorry guys.
    Hey man. I'm sorry I sort of got wrapped up in stuff and busy. Let me know when you have some time and maybe I can stop by and check out your stuff =). Where are you at again too? I'll bring your needles with me too lol. One quick question where do you order your material from and what thickness do you usually use? I have a couple of little things I would like to try to make, like a filter sock holder etc..
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