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    November 10th PROP Auction

    #23 acro replaced with Salted Agave zoa.
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    November 10th PROP Auction

    1 Mael 611 ORA MelonBerry $15 2 Mael 611 JF Jungle Juice $5 3 Mael 611 WWC Toxic Lepto $10 4 Mael 611 SWJ Deepwater acro $5 5 Mael 611 Idaho Grape Cap $5 6 Mael 611 Red Plating Monti $5 7 Mael 611 Lime in the Sky stag $5 8 Mael 611 Ryan Blue Stag $5 9 Mael 611 Twizzlers $5 10 Mael 611...
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    November 10th PROP Auction

    Justin and I can get our lists up tonight for this. Sorry for the delay.
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    June 23rd AZ FRAG Meeting

    I believe it has been 2-3 years now with the minimal annual membership fee. I honestly thought it was a good idea to make more things possible during the meeting plus I have not made it through 2-3 meetings each year without getting way more than my membership fee in raffle prizes and giveaways...
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    PROP Auction March 24th 2018

    1/611/Mael/Psycho shroom/5 2/611/Mael/Green/orange shroom/5 3/611/Mael/Ryans Blue Stag/5 4/611/Mael/Ryans Blue Stag/5 5/611/Mael/Twizzler Zoas/5 5/611/Mael/BamBam Zoas/5 6/611/Mael/BamBam Zoas/5 7/611/Mael/Green Undata Monti/5 8/611/Mael/Red Monti Cap/5 9/611/Mael/Idaho Grape Cap/5...
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    Gonna miss all my FRAG friends!

    Sorry to see you go, online shopping isnt bad but always nice to have that LFS you can go to just to browse, talk or for emergency items. Hopefully you get to come back to some meetings.
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    PROP November 11th Auction

    Might be too late, just let me know... 1/611/Mael/Twizzler Zoas/5 2/611/Mael/Scrambled Egg zoas/5 3/611/Mael/Ryans Blue Stag/5 4/611/Mael/Blue Mushroom/5 5/611/Mael/Green Mushroom/5 6/611/Mael/Gobstopper Zoa/5 7/611/Mael/Green Mushroom/5 8/611/Mael/Purple Candle Acro/5 9/611/Mael/Idaho Grape...
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    September 16th 2017 PROP Auction

    damn, guess ill just be bringing 15 for auction.
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    September 16th 2017 PROP Auction

    1/611/Mael/XL Toadstool/45 2/611/Mael/Ryans Blue Stag/5 3/611/Mael/WWC Toxic Lepto/5 4/611/Mael/Scrambled Egg Zoas/5 5/611/Mael/Scrambled Egg zoas/5 6/611/Mael/Gobstopper Zoas/5 7/611/Mael/Twizzler Zoas/5 8/611/Mael/Ironman shroom/5 9/611/Mael/RDE zoas/5 10/611/Mael/Psycadelic shroom/5...
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    AZ FRAG August 12th Meeting at Odysea

    Im down for the next one, just let us know date.
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    Who is going to MACNA this year?

    Im skipping this year as well, but I am already checking hotels for Vegas next year....that one is going to be dangeous =)
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    July 15 prop auction thread

    swapping out my #5 5/Mael/611/WWC Toxic Lepto/5
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    July 15 prop auction thread

    1/Mael/611/Ryans Blue Stag/5 2/Mael/611/Mael Purpleish Stag/5 3/Mael/611/Mael Sea Stag/5 4/Mael/611/TriColor Acro/5 5/Mael/611/Bali Green Slimer/5 6/Mael/611/Bali Green Slimer/5 7/Mael/611/Mael Psycho shroom/5 8/Mael/611/Ironman shroom/5 9/Mael/611/Stripey shroom/5 10/Mael/611/BamBam zoas/5...
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    LF Biopellets

    SWJ has 3-4 different brands, the aquavitro one seems really nice but I dont use pellets so I couldnt say for comparison sake.
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    PROP Teaser

    I wouldnt say miyagi's and cali's being common, only those without any lineage are common. I'd consider it common when LFS are carrying them regularly even with most of those named pieces having been around for 10+ yrs now. Looking forward to the torts and BC pieces, I dont think there is a...