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  • Maglofster,

    Your DIY LED is amazing I have a 120 gallon 6x2x2 and was wondering what it would take to make a lighting structure like yours and what would it cost? Could you email me at
    Hey Maglofster,

    I registered on this forum solely because of your DIY LED thread!

    Just one question, did you end up putting together a complete noob guide to DIY LED's?

    Kind Regards,
    Hi Maglofster

    First of all I'm sorry for my terrible English.

    My name is Mehdi and I pleased to found your posts in Reef Central.They are really useful.However I have some question About The best light for aquarium and LEDs that you used.

    This is my big question,what kind of light is better for reef aquarium? metal or LED?Actually I used to Aqua Medic Ocean Light,that was good but,that produced a lot heat.Also Metal Halide use much more energy than other light.

    Could you please give me some specific information about your LEds ? Since,you use them on your tank,have you got good result from LEDs? What is more,how can I calculate how many Led I need for my tank? How many white and blue? Can I use red colour whit them? Which temperature is better for all kind of reef?

    My aquarium measure are:
    Length 180 Cm
    Width 50 Cm
    Height 70 Cm

    this is my email

    Sorry I asked a lot question.

    Thanks a lot
    Hi maglofster,

    I'm in the process of reading your thread on the diy led's. What you've done is super cool. Great job! I'm wanting to switch from my 8x54 T5 setup to your led setup. My tank is a 100 Gallon 60x18x20. I have a mix of lps, sps, softies and fish. Can you recommend what led's, drivers and heatsinks I should use for this setup. I would like them dimmable and also prefer a little bluer than white look. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Hey maglofster i wonder if you help me. Im currently setting up my new system and would like your advice on which LEDS to use and how many... Im setting up a 1.8m*650mm*650m i would like to have good coral growth and nice colour the system is about 800L and i would like to keep sps and lps ... I live in SA and i Want to get it right as it will cost alot here for this.... Many thanks
    please send me a link to the ebay reseller, I am very interested in converting my 92 gallon corner tank to LED, but I did not want to give up the intense shimmer of my metal halides. How many of these 50 or 100 watt leds would I need over a 92 gallon tank with all types of corals? (sps, lps, softies, and clams)
    can you send me the link to where you get your leds and drivers on ebay, thanks!

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