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  • Hi Mai, can you give me some info on the china LEDs, I want to assemble one for a friend and do they come soderless already, thanks Mai.
    mai,its pete here, are you happy with the leds you have from china? I was just wondering because I bought the crees and they are still pricey in my view and any thoughts on longevity with your LEDs,was going to make supplemental lighting for my tank to bring in blues into the mix
    Mai were you able to run continuty on your led before connecting the driver ? I can get continuty only on one led if two or more I have nothing is that normal ?
    Mai I just finished the c chanel where and how did you put the led lights ? is it in the middle of both chanels ? or just on one side... Thanks
    Mia I still have your star fish you can oick them at home Im not working today call me you when your here...224-678-2299
    Hey mai i was just lookin around site and found you. This is matt that came and picked up some corals from you. how have you been?

    I need your help about the calcium doser you have. Im planing to put one in my tank how often do you put calcium ? I have a 23 gallon top off ro water if I put the calcium there do you think it will ok I will be able to finish the 23 gallon within 10 days. Will the calcium still be efffective within ten days or do you finish yours for just 2to 3 days.

    First off, just want to thank you again for the used 250 bulbs I got from you weeks ago. They are really working out great.

    I don't know if you remember, but I was telling you that one of my 250 metal halide ballasts blew out. You said that you were able to find what you needed to fix/replace the ballast ballast at a local hardware store for a good price. Do you have any suggestions about this? I really don't want to spend $150 on a new ballast from a website if I don't have to!
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