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    Tank pictures

    Family is great. I visit them once I a while when I need food or something lol. But I going to collage after a 2 year break so now I may need to move back haha. I have 4 tanks but only one is setup a 29gal reef. How your family?
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    Tank pictures

    Gary, You can never leave the hobby can ya? Ha this is my first post in about a year! Your tank looks great bro.
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    Is there a SWAP this month????

    K that works better for my. Ill have some bam bams, ked reds (maybe) and purple deaths
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    O/T: Romantic restaurant?

    Hey, I'm in need of some help from locals of the Phoenix and surrounding area's. My friends and I have been saving up our money to take a trip down to Phoenix area for 2days and 3nights. We are staying in scottsdale. This wednesday, my buddy and I would like you treat out girlfriends's to a...
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    Is there a SWAP this month????

    I have lots of zoas just need to frag em.
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    . . . da RC Artsy-Cube project - - - Picture Intense

    You out did yourself this time man. I may have to ask you to help me with my next project =D
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    Frag my Green Tyree Toadstool

    Anna, Nice to see your still around. its been along time. ~Brian
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    . . . da Artsy-Cube Tank build - - - 14" 10 Gallon Nano Reef

    Scott, I may have some frags that would look really nice for ya.
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    It's time Tucson/Sierra Vista's first auction of 2008...

    Well looks like ill be showing up! My father has also offered to be the BBQ cook if any of you are intrested. He was always cooking for us at Gary's. ~Brian
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    Bottom Line

    Re: Bottom Line Why is age a factor? I been in reefing for around 5years now. Age is not a factor! I fully understand what is going on and I AM STILL A KID!
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    Peacock Tank Size

    I would go with a 29gal to be on the safe side.
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    125 FOWLR fish/Eel questions. Pic

    You going to need to have that tank covered.
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    Old style frag auction get together

    Wow, Its been months since I last posted. This one I will go too. I have around 20 purple deaths so I can bring a few. It would be a blast to see all you guys! Zach, It's been awhile since I talked to you so thats a great. Scott, Bring out the laptop! And maybe the Coffee :) Mike, Did you...
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    FS everything has to go corals,fish, tank etc..

    Man I come back from a vacation and see this post... Sorry to see you go Michael. ~Brian
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    Frag Swap Sat. Sept. 15th

    1.) Tommy - Colerphon 2.) Scott - Cerreta 3.) Albert-Al915 4.) Michael-CHUPA 5.) Ben - Tanque Verde 6.) Chris - BonesCJ 7.) Brian - Majestic 8.) 9.) 10.) Thats if my purple deaths will be ready by then. Have about 4 frags with 3 polys.