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    Blindside, you out there son?

    Call me! Chop, chop. :hammer: MPK 901.573.8713
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    MARS Frag Swap

    Looks like Jay named the date:
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    Frag Swap is ON! Nov 9th

    Subject to change, I don't have a Soccer game that day yet. I'll be there. Let me know what you need Jay in terms of help.
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    MARS Frag Swap

    Let me know whatever you need Jay!
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    Club direction. Call for help!

    Thanks Tracy! The automatic water changes are just like transferring fuel on a Boeing 737! Throw a couple switches, activate a couple valves, power up the pumps and watch it go! (...and Pray nothing leaks!) Regarding the State of the Club: I haven't been involved since last year, (when Jay...
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    Bravo Carlos!! (Glad you're still engaged and active!) I haven't been involved since last year, (when Jay Page and I each stepped down from our respective positions after the 2012 Frag Swap), but I think the problem is that the fate of the club has now already been decided. The By-Laws were...
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    200 Gallon Deep Dimension Mixed Reef Build

    Back to the near "cube" shapes, eh Richard??? Pant. Drool. Awesome! Post pics of your progress. This will be fun to watch. Marty
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    120 gallon complete setup for sale

    Glad you're keeping (a) tank Carl. Wishing you all the best. I'd have a freshwater tank too, if it weren't for all that salt I pour I the wound....
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    Fond Farewell

    I'll miss you Doug! All the best to the transplanted Pinnacle folks. Good luck in your new tank! Marty
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    July meeting: organizational meeting for Frag Swap

    Sorry Michelle. We just got back home and now we need to ventilate the house for a couple hours. (Slight doggie crisis involving an unplanned major bombing of the whole place, no thanks to my sons puppy, the flea bitten varmint.) Anybody ever bomb a house before with a reef tank? I killed...
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    Deciding the future of WTMRAC... please read ASAP

    Volunteer. Get involved. Volunteer. Get involved. Folks"¦ I have not (recently) been involved in much club activity (nor on RC) until this past weekend, when I was called back into service, but I wanted to make a qualifying statement. Last year following the 2012 Frag Swap, the Club held...