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  • HI Mako, just saw your message from October.
    I dont roam so much but Im on today looking for a free tank :)
    call sometime, hope you're well!
    Yo Mako, how you doing ?

    Tried to call today, hope to hear from you soon!
    I live a little closer to you know, in Largo.
    Got my reef running again, lets talk when you get a few minutes!
    727-278-8575 (updated)
    Never saw your reply from 9/29

    From the point you can catch Mackerel, red fish, mangrove snapper, and bonnet head sharks if you can handle the weight.
    Nope, I did not get it, maybe a issue with my stupid cell. call me again, or send me your number and I'll call.

    Sorry I have been a hermit. Not really a whole lot of free time. We had a huge layoff at work and I pretty much do the work of 2, maybe 3 people now. What little time off I am usually a veg at home. Hell, I have to force myself to do the normal stuff anymore.

    What kind of fish you been catching down there off the Point?
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