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  • Hey MammothReefer!

    Where do you get your corals from? I don't recall there being a coral retail in mammoth.

    I heard you guys got lot's of snow this past week. Whats it like up there right now? You guys were really lacking in snow this year.
    Saw your picture and had to say thumbs up. Love camaros and old Chevy muscle cars. Just a quick shout out.
    Hey, sorry left today in the a.m., kind of whirl wind trip with the family.
    I usually come up two times a year, I'll be up in summer sometime.
    I'll look you up, we can have a beer and chat reefs.
    Sorry, missed checking out your tank.
    You up in mammoth right now? If you want you are more then welcome to stop on by. I have a 65 gallon SPS/Acan tank.
    Hey MammothReefer, where in mammoth are you? What type of set up do you have?
    My name is Roman I'm from orange county, I'm up here with my family just hanging out.
    I have a 180 mixed reef and am setting up a new 132 cube. Anyhow, just seeing what other reefers are up to.
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