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    crickets chirping

    i still check here a couple times a year lol. trying to get the club back up, but last year really hampered that. hopefully things turn around, am going to try to put together a reef crawl in july. sorry, ya it's fb lol: -matt
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    anyone have any M. Undata?

    awesome, ty. my bounce is starting to make a few babies i think, i'll arrange to head over or something once i have one to bring you :).
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    anyone have any M. Undata?

    hey, im looking for some montipora undata. it used to be pretty common in the area, just wondering if anyone still had any...
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    high head pressure top off pump

    look on ebay for one of these. you can sometimes snag one for cheap, tho pay attention to tubing size depending on which head it has. some take a range of tubing sizes, others take a fixed size which may be a pita to hook to 1/4 poly. there is a masterflex calcium reactor thread that prolly...
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    New Tank (IM 25 Lagoon Ext)

    tank update still haven't bothered to glue corals to rocks (thinking of restacking), but coralline has exploded and just recently the corals perked up and started growing. of course i changed 10 things at once, so no idea what exactly made it happier :). ultimate has a new $10 frag tank, i...
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    Any reefers out there?

    I'm in Blacksburg. just getting back into it so i dont really have anything to trade at the moment, but always looking to connect with local reefers.
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    New Tank (IM 25 Lagoon Ext)

    so i'm finally back and serious with my tank...i know nobody is really watching this forum anymore, but i wanted to post it anyway just as a place to document it. got an IM 25 gallon lagoon ext (external overflow box, not the false-wall AIO version). it's a very-very-very cool tank, 24x20...
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    heys. im back. lets get this stuff rolling again like the old days.
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    blacksburg meeting, july 26th

    oh ya, so i guess 4ish would be a good time, i'll have plenty of food and drinks. and a few corals that i want to chop down to nubs to make room for other frags to all grow in together. 1121 South Main St Unit B blacksburg va 24060 540 921 7601
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    blacksburg meeting, july 26th

    absolutely, come on over. i only have a little 30g cube at the moment, but hopefully the ribs and company will be worth the trip :)
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    blacksburg meeting, july 26th

    my grill has been chilly lately, needs a workout.. can prolly turn it into a crawl if enough locals interested:)
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    Looking to buy some zoanthids

    we used to have an amazing club in the area (we had ~45 people come to a meeting once). but blacksburg being what it is with people coming/going all the time, one year we just lost too many people at the same time, lost our critical mass to keep going and dwindled to nothing. losing our LFS...
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    Looking to buy some zoanthids

    if you are anywhere near blacksburg, i have a few that i give out for free
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    Overflow Tanks - where to purchase

    im sure UA can special order anything you need. they don't have enough floorspace to stock big tanks.
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    Need equipment

    internal or external? i have a panworld 40px that is perfect for a 75g. $50, like new. i was already planning on heading up to UA this evening, so we can meet there if you want if you have plenty of in-tank flow and need just a little turnover thru the sump, someone at work just gave me a...