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  • No, I did not get your email. Tanya probably got it. I will add you to our list and let you know soon. Thanks,

    Hey Mango-I have a big black wrasse, pinkspot watchman goby & ft. long engineer goby left. Bill
    Hey dude trying to hook up with that guy for the FS ect by I 75/ MLK

    I will get you some if I can get his number??? you got it?

    The guy in wesley Chapel??
    It's a mata tang. very hard to keep, they dont eat algae like other tangs. They get big too so 6' 150g+ is a must. I see you live in brandon. Im moving out to that area in a week, maybe in the future we can do some frag swapping? let me know. -ron
    I tried to call you back but no answer. My number is 808-398-5590 if you still have questions.
    I am interested in some shrooms, and green yuma for my is my cell phone feel free to text me...I am available any time all this weekend...I have a bit of a drive but really want to pick up some corals...thank...7278582742...
    I am interested in Blue/white trach if noone else has gotten it :) Pm Can pick up tomorrow :)
    Yep, mostly I play FPS. I like Coral Corral, but never buy anything, I just go there to see what they have. I've never heard or C&F, I like Aqua Star Aquarium Center and Marine Warehouse, and occasionally go to Creative, but haven;t been impressed with their staff lately. :/
    Some of the polyps have come back out now.. slowly but surely.

    About a week ago I did have a temp. swing due to my halides and not enough surface circulation (went up to 86). I'm starting to think that my have affected it.. Although it was closed up before the day of the temp swing..

    I will try testing everything else today..
    Sorry, been extremely busy and haven't remembered to check back here. Has it improved or gotten worse? Have you tested your water parameters or figured out the cause yet? From the pictures, the only guess I would have would be if your return is pointed straight at it. They like high flow, but direct flow from a jet like that is usually bad. Again, I can't tell for sure in the pic if that's how it was or not.
    Hmm. I haven't ever seen it do that, so I don't think it's normal. Do you have any other sps? Have they done anything similar? How much polyp extension did it have before this? It's polyps are usually quite extended. Any chance you can get pics?
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