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  • Which of your hang on back overflows would you recommend for a 75 gallon tank with 29 gallon sump?
    Yes this my 2nd son Rashid, sorry for the late replay didn't notice your message :) stay tuned with the build i'll post some updates in few days about the apex gear i got from you recently
    I hope your sales team that you are part of is better than your support. Manny got back to me once after i heard that my original email went in your junk folder.
    Then he told me that I needed the DI cartridge for my RO budie witch I had just figured out myself then he went on to tell me that he could not offer help on the plumbing because my system was too elaborate,give me a break my system is anything but.
    But I can understand and said the samething in my reply to him with a few questions.
    But that email must have went in junk again because again no reply. I was going to buy the parts I need from you but I will have to rethink that.
    How can I get help? I don't know what else I can do,this is another. message asking for the help you said I would get. But you don't answer my messages and I haven't received an awnser to my email that I sent to MD
    I was happy to seek could get some help and would buy everything that I need and use MD for what I needed but no one seems to care.
    Finally feeling good after surgery and would really like to get my aquarium upgraded but I need help guess I'll have to look somewhere else
    Hi Jeff I did as you told me and sent email out to Marine Depot 2 days ago and have not heard back from anyone ?( email is spdjnky63@gmail.com)
    Can you give me the email that I can use to send what I need to you support dep I will be using gmail.
    Hi Jeff thanks for getting back to me and I want to apologize for all my screw-ups here and try to start from the beging.
    I have sent I think alot of pictures and would like to know if you would like me to start all over?
    I have a SW mixing station set-up in a room I built over my garage that is about 40' away from my main display.I also have room for a qt tank and a frag tank if I ever get that far.I think I am ready to start adding corals and making the aquarium look like a reef. But I am still having trouble with water changes and have tried many different things and ideas that did not work. I have a 1/2" PVC line running from my SW mixing station and also a 1/2" pvc drainline that goes out to the washing machine drywell that I put in the back yard when I remolded. I would like to re-plumb everything to hook the 1/2" line in for refill. right now I have tried gravity it works but real slow so I hooked up so the QuietOne 4000 that is on the mixing station pumps it down. Thats a little better but still slow.
    Thanks for the invite thought maybe you checked some of my posts out. I could really use some help.
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