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  • I saw the awesome stands that you build. Is there a way of getting instructions on how to build one for my 90 gallon aquarium that I am putting together.


    Hey, I was trying to follow you thread "another custom stand construction" because I was very impressed with it and want to build mine simular. But I cannot see any of the pictures in the thread for how you built it. Is there any way i can find your build pics to help me with my build? It would be greatly appreciated!
    I'm still here. Not on RC much anymore but my tank is still up and running. You can come check it out anytime. Best way to reach me is by phone or text at 573-837-6224
    Hey Rich you still in the area i have moved and have my 75 back up and planing a 300 now! I'd like to see your setup sometime if you have time? and i promise it wont take 3 years for you to hear from me again!:)
    Hey, I also live in Cape Girardeau. I just started a saltwater tank that i plan on stocking with zoanthids and softies and i was wondering if you knew where i could get these in Cape Girardeau. I know that Travelers Gazebo has saltwater but I've heard mixed reviews about them. If you think Travelers Gazebo is a good LFS or you know of any others please let me know.
    Hey Mark. Good to see another local reefer. I have a 120 gallon mixed reef that has been set up for 3 years now. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time to spend on it but it is doing ok. If you need any frags, let me know.

    Rich Lynn
    hello marino i just stumbled across you in a post and thought i would say hi. I live in jackson and have a 75 gal that i need to get set back up, i plan to drill the tank and put it in the wall for display in my living room with all the accessories in a storage room. Its good to see other locals in the salt water aquariums. I will be reading your thread so far everything looks great. Mark
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