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  • Hmm don’t recall doing that but perhaps I did by mistake when I was browsing the forum.
    Sorry about that!
    I will check, I'm pretty sure is a Hamilton, I was about to gut-it out couple years back.
    I do have time after 6:00 pm you think it will survive till sunday that's when i'm going to set up the refugium. Let me know! I will like to go to the swap even if I don't have any frag to swap with but it will be a great oportunity to meet other reefers from the area. your thoughs?
    I think you can connect the 3/4" hose straight to the male thread of the Mag, post a picture of bot, bulkhead and mag. I'll look into my stuff for an adapter.
    hi, you seem to know a lot. so i went by at lowe's today to check for fittings for my mag7 return pump. it has a 1/2" male thread outlet. And my bulkhead is 3/4" barb. I want to use 3/4" vinyl tubing to connect my mag7 to my 3/4" barb, but the outlet is only 1/2" on my mag 7. I tried to look for adapters and fittings to try to get my 1/2" male to a 3/4" hose barb. any ideas? and where i can find?
    Hey bro I have a 24" sunpod 150w if your still interested in getting one. Hit me up bro
    hey mario, its all good i ended up building the canopy my self. it was easier then expected... just a lil time consuming.
    he mario, i know u and ur bro do alot of building for your own tanks and stuff. i wanted to get a canopy built for my tank. would you be interested?
    Ay man I just saw a pic of Stand in the Fancy Stands Thread Do you have any Info on it or a Thread? Beautiful Stand I plan on doing a similar style and am looking for ideas
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