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    Cleaning out the Garage

    Thanks Pedro! That sure helps a lot. Already relayed the info to Theo.
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    Cleaning out the Garage

    Hi Pedro! Do you know by any chance if those pumps, the motor block is made by Askoll? I have a friend looking for a replacement motor block for a Red Dragon pump and the images look very similar to the Laguna/Askoll motor block. Thx
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    LeeMar Cube FS NEW

    Rimless 18x18x18 thick glass cube made by LeeMar; external overflow. Aquarium has a hole drilled on the bottom at the center for a BRS 1/2" but can be covered with an extra piece of glass. Bare tank only. $250.00 cash in San Francisco Email me Will try to get better pictures of the...
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    AIO Suggestions

    Hi Rommel! Would you be interested in a Red Sea Reefer 170? Glad to know you're back. Swing by BAR, I'm possitive the club will welcome you back.
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    Lf tank

    I have a cube, 18x18x18, rimless, external overflow box. Bottom glass has a hole in the center for a schedule 80 BRS 1/2" bulkhead; made by LeeMar. Tank is new, just dusty. I didn't get to build a cabinet for it. LMK if it's of any interest to you so I can get a couple images. I'm in San Francisco
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    Chiller 1/4hp

    Available in San Francisco. 1/4hp Eco Plus chiller. $150
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    FS Chiller

    Not sure of age. Few years old. Las used before the pandemic; my friend moved to Hawaii and I kept the chiller.
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    FS Chiller

    I have to look for a model number if any but is a stock 1/4hp
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    FS Chiller

    Teco 1/4 hp chiller. $150 No need for any trades, am out of the hobby and summertime is around the bend. Pick up in San Francisco
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    Anyone have red macroalgae?

    Search craigslist, there’s a person selling red gracilaria.
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    Radium 20k's

    I have a few new Radium bulbs but in San Francisco; if Anthony doesn’t have, lmk.
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    LF Nano Skimmer and Nano Reactor

    I might have one like the first pic, $0.00 in SF; lucky you...
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    *Free* 100 gallon acrylic tank with stand

    Are you leaving the hobby for real? That's one sweet tank, lucky person whoever gives it a home !!
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    Older Chiller maybe 1/4 hp

    Controller Controller You should get pcfish/Pedro's Medusa controller to pair it with the chiller. I had been looking for a Medusa controller with no luck for about three years.