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    bounce mushrooms

    Are you bringing back to life every dead thread on bounces that you can find?
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    Broken frag

    In the future, use a knife to get under the super glue on the plug, a little twist and it will pop right off. No idea if it will make it, maybe try to glue the skeleton? good luck.
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    bitwise's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Put in a couple of turbo snails. They should help with the algae.
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    Japanese neon green Toadstool

    Nobody who has one has a cellphone? Why the lack of pictures?
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    Clownfish wedged in hole in rock

    This is a very odd post.
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    RODI connection: please help!

    I'm not sure what you're trying to hook it up to, but this page surely has something you can use. BRS stuff Is there a sink anywhere nearby? A simple inline connector does the trick every time. faucet adapter
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    DIY - Furnature grade cabnet for a 90G

    If the wife is concerned with aesthetics, why not shift gears and get something like a Red Sea XL deluxe 425? Yes, a bit pricier, but it's going to look better than anything you can build, and it comes with everything you need.
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    Can you remove Zoa colony from main rock safely

    You can peel them off of rocks, unless they are deep in small crevices, which makes it difficult. I've done it with an x-acto knife (or something else super sharp), just go really slow so you do not damage them. Totally do-able.
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    Concerned about Hammer

    Mine has done this, have even seen fish eat it.
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    Green Hair Algae and Long Term Control

    Get a couple turbo snails, done!
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    Comments Please !!!! :)

    Tough crowd.
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    Fragging giant leather coral

    You may want to frag outside of the tank using water from a water change. Obviously frag on a work surface, but put it in water change water for a bit. It will release “stuff” when cut. You can eliminate most from your display tank with this method. And like the other poster said, run carbon...
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    Torch Closing Every day same time

    Same as the other replies, but you know a torch is not considered a softie?
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    Moving tank

    I'd keep it simple, move as much water as you are comfortable. In the water you are not keeping, shake clean your rocks before putting them in water you are keeping. Take the sand with you. Clean and put back in the tank but at a later date, lots of time later for that. Basically, move rock...
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    Duncan not happy. What is this stuff?

    If you are worried about that yellow stuff, shake the duncan until it retracts, take it out of the water and brush the stalk and plug clean with a toothbrush. But, if you are overdue for a wc, could be you've just let the tank go south. Do a deep clean, some regular water changes and see if you...