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    OT: RNC Chairman

    I tried to get a better pic but when i paused the tv it got a little blurry, but it was def a yellow tang and a blue hippo in a maybe 29g aio. It caught my eye because you almost never see tanks on tv, unless your watching the tank building show deal
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    OT: RNC Chairman

    I was watching cnn and the interview with the rnc chairman and noticed his tank in the background. Looks like a biocube maybe? Buuut def a blue and yellow tang along with a third fish i couldnt make out....
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    need an acrylic tank made

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need a small tank made, nothing huge. Thought id check locally before going online.
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    LFS,,,Horrible customer service lately?

    I go that way frequently and i havent had an issue with the young folks at all. Sometimes theyve been busy and i had to wait a bit but was helped out when it came time for my turn.
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    Security cameras

    If you have internet in your home id look into an nvr system rather than the dvr. Its much simpler and less cables to worry about, and resolution is best.
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    fs: Fluval Edge 6g

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    Trust absolutely no one.

    I was browsing at another local lfs a while ago and then i saw the same thing. I did a double take then told the owner immediately. Luckily it didnt do any harm. Seemed like it was just placed there recently.
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    fs: Fluval Edge 6g

    Its been up and running for a while now. Did a few mods on it you can see pics in my profile. Like to get $50. Has sand and rocks. Rocks have red mushrooms and a lil gha. Also have some kenya trees in there. Inbox me and i can txt more pics.
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    FS: Deep Blue Professional 80 Gallon Rimless Series RR

    Awwwww shucks! Where was this tank in november!!!
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    In case you haven't heard yet AI/Ecotech

    I was just thinking that, price increase!
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    WTB small pico..

    I have one you can have. Pm me your number and ill send you a pic of it.
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    FT 36" Deep Sea solar xtreme T5 fixtue.

    Did they sell? Let me know if it falls through.
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    Fs: Lps

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    anybody else " done" adding to their tank

    Jeeeez, now you can setup a frag tank!!
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    wtb:fresh water LED 10 gal

    My mistake, its the 4 not the 8