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    Rotten smell on NSW

    I keep 200 gallons outside in the shade with no circulation and use it one month latter with no concern or smell or change in chemistry I also keep 60 gal in a drum in the garage without circulation and no issues? Been doing this for a while without ever getting smell. Maybe an increase in...
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    Rotten smell on NSW

    I don't know what went wrong, but I keep nsw in containers for a month without any smell or other issues? Hence if it smelled on me that one in a hundred times I would discard as it cheap. Or bleach and unbleach ? Maybe even clean the container time?
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    FMAS 2014 FRAG SWAP - Saturday, June 7th, 2014

    The event has been cancelled. I am sure more info will follow.
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    Phosphate v.s. Phosphorus

    Eddy. Anyway the first time trying to use it you were so excited it caused human error ? Test again! I just received my and you have me afraid to unwrap it? Will test latter
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    sticks pshhhhh weres the acan lovers

    Nice pics Southside. Getting good with the camera!
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    Setting up a frag only tank

    Your question was about rock. Here is some things to think about. Consider using marble tile on the bare bottom glass. The stone act like rock and allows bacteria etc to grow on it like rock. No sand is a better option than sand for a frag tank. You will get detritus waste accumulating on...
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    Who can eat SPS?

    Before we make the cute clown the villan. How's your water parameters? Any high alk in the last couple weeks? No positive just trying to rule out another possibility?
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    Wtb: Sps

    Chris your fine. Just show us pics in 90 days
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    LF: Chaeto

    I will be happy to give you some for free. But you need to explain your name for me? See I once has a cat named kam. Why do want to kill cats? Lol. Pm me.
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    Wtb: Sps

    I love you all! And you all know I can be very charitable. I was just trying to help Chris out. I hate to see people buy expensive corals then put them in their tank and watch them die. Nothing turns people away from this hobby more. So I gave him a few browned out ugly corals just to...
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    Algagen LFP coming to Bird Rd.

    Bill. Do yourself a favor and go see Miguel. As involved as you are in marine life you will live it! I have been using his stuff for a few years now. In the past I would even maintain and grow my own using his stuff as a seed. He does sometimes run out or doesn't sell as he needs it...
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    Phosphate v.s. Phosphorus

    I hear u on the .04 margin of error which is large! That's why I just ordered the HANNAH phosphorous kit. I think the margin of error should be less. Or so I hope. Can anyone using it elaborate ?
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    Phosphate v.s. Phosphorus

    Just to split hairs. .03-.05
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    Phosphate v.s. Phosphorus

    If your phosphates are below .1. I would recommend the phosphorus Chris. Thanks for the info just bit the same one
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    Phosphate v.s. Phosphorus

    Where is the best place to buy one?