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  • I'm interested in the power head, koralia, nano tank and possibly some coral. I'm very sorry for your loss. I live very close to you so I can come over sometime this week any day but today is good for me.
    I think the mobile is a good idea, how about a lampshade? Take one of those large popcorn tins and cut your fish and other salwater critters out of it. Use the cutouts for the mobile and line the inside of the can with different colors of transparent paper and you've killed two birds with one stone.
    I've got the Miller Spectrum thunder portable plasma, I have used the snot out of it in the past ten years - I've even had to get it repaired at Millers' cost... gotta Love that "True Blue warranty!

    Do you weld? Between a plasma and a welder....the skies the limit.
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