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    QT questions.

    yes a ten gallon whould be fine for a qt. for the question is it even worth it that is for you to answer.
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    Washing filter socks

    make sure tou let the sock sit for at least 24 hours after using bleach, so the bleach can evaporate off
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    Opinions and advice needed......

    i would also agree with Pet Detective and ron. since api is kinda a cheapo test kit and not always the most reliable try asking your lfs to test your water see if you still have traces of ammonia or nitrite also the should be able to test calc and alk for you. as far as light agreed on tuning...
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    Protein skimmer

    also reef octo and eshopps both make good skimmers but out of the two i would go eshopps simply because the eshopps takes less space up in the tank and still performs
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    Protein skimmer

    sump, no sump? do you want hang on back style?
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    Opinions and advice needed......

    whats the ph. also could be that your water is to "clean" for some of these corals. alot of the softies (zoas ,leathers, and lps) dont like very "clean" water, they like alittle nitrate and phosphate in the water, but really i dont think that is the prob.
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    best HOB skimmer for 25 gal tank

    reef octopus, aqua c, eshopps. they all make very good skimmers. it all really depends on what your looking for. personally i like the cpr hob they always worked well for me and it is a simple design that is easy to clean
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    Green Water - New tank

    did you seed the dead rock with a piece of live rock. do you run carbon
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    Algae ID and Help!
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    Algae ID and Help!
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    Algae ID and Help!

    not regular carbon ( the black granular stuff) carbon as in vinger, sucrose, or vodka
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    Algae ID and Help!

    looks like diatoms to me and the green stuff is hair algea. is it on the rocks to? for now i would increase the flow on the sand to release some of the nitrogen gas that should help some. do you carbon dose atall? if not i would recommend it to lower your nitrates do your research on here and go...
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    white mucus/slime on top of water?

    Oh forgot to ask what is you phos ant nitrate levels?
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    white mucus/slime on top of water?

    +1 on the bacteria bloom even tho the tank is 3 weeks old it is still a very new tank, and the tank will not be completely stable for awhile. Unless the prob gets alot worse and maybe starts to change color its nothing to worry about, just keep an eye on it
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    Quarantine as a Service

    Well if it is small fish you really only need a 5 gal bucket with some air stones as a qt. Just always remember a qt doesn't have to be pretty it just has to be functional