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  • Matt: I finally managed to set up a 90 gallon reef tank. I've been trying to do this for years. Every time I began, another health problem stopped me, but I finally got it going. It has a 75 gallon sump with baffles and all that good stuff (I can't believe it worked exactly the way I wanted. Two Mag 9s run it.
    I used the live rock from the 75 gallon quarantine tank I've been running for the past 20 years. It's got a 175 watt Hamilton halide on each side with a 250 HQI in the middle. I should be able to grow SPS and clams in this. Jim Went's going to fix me up with frags, so i should be set. Sure am tired of African cichlids.
    So - how YOU doing.
    Will offer $170 shipped...lmk..send PayPal id if interested.... thanks..Jim
    I'm doing good trying to get use to this new format. I guess im a creature of habit.
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