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    Sediment after making 65g of saltwater?

    I also have that stuff from reef crystals every time, its like little white dots floating around and then theres a little pile of it at the bottom of the bucket that never dissolves. I also got a box of that new stuff from the swap so we'll see how that goes!
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    Awesome! good luck!
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    anyone with cheato to share

    I have some on the southside if anyone wants some..... just send a pm!
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    I have been looking for these for a while... are they out of season or something?
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    CUC in the sump?

    I haven't much about this, but my theory is that its good to have periodic "disturbances" in the refugium- which I induce by vacuuming it out from time to time. I base this off of other environments where as time goes on certain species tend to out compete most others and diversity is reduced...
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    Acan, micro and LPS for sale

    How did I miss that hammer when I was there! Anyone want to split it?
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    Need Support some what!!!!

    You should glue some zoas and star polyps and stuff to it too!
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    fish ideas...

    how bout a whale shark?
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    Getting out!

    Hey Pat, Thank you for the Frags, they look awesome so far. If you want a tank to keep a yellow tang for your son I have one and a filter and skimmer you can have so just let me know. Good luck with everything! Matt
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    Last resort to kill bryopsis

    Dont give your money to kent, just get some epsom salt!
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    in need of stand

    Hey I have a 7 foot stand if you want it.
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    LF/WTB Yellow Fiji Leather and any other cool softies

    send me a pm if you want to stop by or something. If your going to the swap I can bring some.
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    LF/WTB Yellow Fiji Leather and any other cool softies

    I have pulsing sinularia thats pretty sweet, green polyp toadstool, anthalia, and probably some other stuff too.
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    WTB: Acropora abrotanoides and clam

    Thanks Tim! Never been to that store, might have to go check it out. $40 doesnt sound too bad. I actually seen that one on reefkoi and emailed him to see if he'd make a deal since I bought a blue derasa from him that died. Hes pretty firm on it for now. Thats alot of dough but man those are sweet.
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    WTB: Acropora abrotanoides and clam

    Hey Guys! Does anyone have this coral? I would really like a frag of it, I dont care what color, it just grows really neat. I am also looking for a squamosa clam, preferably blue. Let me know! Hopefully I can meet you at the swap :-) Thanks! Matt