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    Wtb sump tank

    Hello. I am looking to buy a larger sump tank. Looking for a 4' tank let me know if anyone has anything not looking to spend alot.
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    found this- thought it was interesting makes you think about stray voltage.
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    Anybody seen a mantis?

    Has anyone seen a mantis shrimp at and of the shops in ct or does anyone have one for sale?
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    Huge lot of stuff for sale

    I have a large lot of power heads for sale Large power heads $20 each medium power heads $15 each Small power heads $10 each I don't know the make model or gph of any of these however they all run. Tank siphon $20 I also have a 125g glass tank with a single corner over flow...
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    Biocube wanted

    I still have your acrylic top if you think you are going to go that route
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    Male naso refuses to eat

    Thanks Walter Does anyone have any Macro algae? I only have cheato.
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    Male naso refuses to eat

    I'll try live brine Tank is 12g he is with a pair of clowns a leopard wrasse and a fairy wrasse
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    Male naso refuses to eat

    I have had a 5" male naso for about 3 weeks now and he is absolutely refusing to eat. When I got him he picked on algae but now it's all gone and he is starting to look thin. He ate in the store before I took him home. I have tried: Pellet Mysis shrimp Live black worms Flake New era...
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    Sea hare free to good hone

    In not interested Thoughts were closer
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    Need a pump

    Thanks Steve for the awesome hookup Let me know if you ever need anything
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    Wtb a clown trigger

    There where 3 good sizes ones at exotic in milford the other day