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    CVR still around or gone?

    Yes site is up. I had some issues as well (Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless worked but Comcast XFinity didn't). I think it was a routing issue.
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    World's Easiest SPS - A Pseudo Survey

    Cyphastrea: I used to have a pink cyphastrea decadia, a branching coral that was very hardy. Hydnophora: another easy SPS. Extremely agressive though.
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    Petco online purchases

    I placed an order for 3 anthias and 1 RS Regal Angel. The 3 anthias came in and water was cold. 1 already dead in the bag. The other two died within 18 hours. I contacted Petco, sent pictures of the dead fish and got a replacement. Eventhough the shipping label showed that there were...
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    Minimalist Shallow Reef Tank

    Is that ich that i see on the borbonius? The coral in the last pic is stunning. Is that a blasto?
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    what skimmers are comparable to BK ?

    I've used both ATB and BK. 5 years ago, they were comparable. Nowadays only BK continues to innovate with new designs for bodies and pumps.
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    Drought implications on our hobby?

    I might add that the 80/20 number is misleading. Those didn't account for water allocation for environment and other non-human uses (dams, delta estuary, wetland restoration, lakes, waterways...) Technically agriculture gets 4 times as much as urban, hence the 80/20 number. I've seen reports...
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    Best place to buy ATI bulbs?

    Awesome customer service. Unfortunately no longer in business.
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    Apex works from wifi but not mobile HTH
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    120G Tank Dimension Options

    another option 48x30x20
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    phoenix 14k no longer made.

    It's been ages since I ran MH, and I can't recall a 10K Phoenix. I did run a Phoenix 14K 250W DE on an M80 ballast. I also ran Giesemann 14.5 K Megachrome 250W DE on the same ballast and I thought the Giesemann bulb was a bit whiter. IIRC Sanjay spectral plots showed them to be nearly...
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    Show off your T5 run (non Zeovit + similar) SPS tank please

    3 yr old tank
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    ReefKeeper vs Apex

    Exactly what they've done with the Apex Jr. Display unit optional/Interface via smart device or PC. For those who still want the display it's $100.
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    PE and color on undata

    Undata on sandbed (PAR 210), medium flow.
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    Is it about time to change the T5 light bulbs? Par meter readings

    Tank looks great! It also looks like your LPS can handle very high PAR. Minh
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    Ecotech 2xMP40 or 1xMP60 or other ideas...

    Sorry, wrong picture above; the mp40 on the left side was cropped out. This is a better picture.