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    The Nano Reefs DIY thread...

    I think you will need Weld-On not silicon to glue acrylic. For reference.
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    65 gal Rimless Shallow 6 foot Build

    Any updates on your tank?
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    New live rock from established aquarium -

    The Anemone does need good light. Aptasia can harm the fish it will sting them and you as well, the best way I have found to get rid of them is peppermint shrimp.
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    Could I be cycled and fish ready?

    Your tank sounds like it has a bio-filter started. Just remember the bio-filter is a living thing and is always in a state of flux, growing and dieing off. If you move to fast in a new tank you can very easily over take the filter and start a new cycle. By moving slow and only adding live...
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    Best online live rock supply?????

    A lot of time you can get great deals on a local reef club forum. I have seen people getting out of the hobby and selling LR for $2 or $3 a pound.
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    40 Gallon Breader build

    Thought I would post a update, its been 2 1/2 weeks since I added the 14 Bio-cube contents to the 40 Breeder, all is going well, I have also added two Blue/Green Chromis and a yellow tale Damsel to the tank with no change to the perimeters, the bio-cube had about 15 LBS good Long time cured LR...
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    40G Breeder Build

    Great build, I like the rock, Great job on the plumbing, Stand looks good also. Looking forward to seeing the tank come together. I also have a 40 Breeder, here is a link to my build.
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    TheAquatect's 150g in-wall build

    So the rock I have is Florida limestone, its still very porous but it is dense compared to some "typical" reef rock. Between it and the DSB, there will be more than enough surface area for bacteria to thrive. Cool.
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    TheAquatect's 150g in-wall build

    Nice start I will be tagging along as well, Your stand looks like it will hold a truck great job, I like to over build as well. Nice framing as to. Just a thought the rock you have looks like very solid rock (not porous) it is the porous rock that has the best nullifying bacteria that live deep...
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    Tank swap and keep existing sand?

    I have used old sand in my tanks and not had any problems, just rinse it really well and it should be OK. IMO.
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    Wait Delprincipe Some of Them here do not understand the TBS process, all your rock is good Live Rock and should not have to much of a cycle, if you follow the TBS procedure. They sale lots of complete LR setups with great success. IMO slow down do the water changes TBS recommends, e-mail or...
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    Phase 1 of garage conversion started

    Nice build, i like the rock work tank looks great.
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    New to Hobby, Help setting up 29 Gallon

    You do not have to have a skimmer, but you will have to do more water changes. The Hang on filter is ok you will need to change the filters out every two weeks or they can become a nitrate factory. With the right lights you can keep just about any corals, but fish you could only have three or...
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    Kenya Tree Coral

    Some LFS will take the in as trade, or you can sale them as frags.