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  • Hello Menard, very new to working with Reef Central. I've read that you run a plenum. Do you still? If you were setting up a new tank, is that the route you would go again? Thank you, Anna
    Hello, I came across an old post of yours of frags to bring to a swap. I live in California but I really would appreciate and love a small frag of: Ponape Birdsnest and a Rainbow Stylo. Would you consider shipping?

    Thanks so much.
    Hello Menard. I would like to order the following
    1 yellow Dragon, !purple Lokani, ! Tinnela, ! pink Milli and 1 Fire fly.
    Please quote me Shipping to Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    Please email me. and your paypal email to pay with.
    Thank you, Peter Goettner
    Hi Menard, not too sure if you remember me. My names Al (was the younger filipino guy) and I used to drop by your store on lincoln ave almost everyday. You helped me get started on saltwater, coral, and got a little bit of Discus action from you too.

    How have you been? I know you closed years back, i didnt get a chance to say goodbye or pickup a few fish related items from you. Possibly due to school, and me slowing down with the fish hobby all together. As soon as I got back into the hobby you were the first guy that popped into my head lol.

    Your friend,
    Hey buddy,

    Its Drew. Getting ready to frag any time soon? How are the tank and your kids doing?

    Take Care,
    hey, you lookin for a maculips (spotface) tang like mike leonards...cuz i got a 4" one
    Hey, so I should have my new tank next week. Have the sump running and fuge should be plumbed in tonight, rock arriving tomorrow -- some anyway. So it's getting there!

    Did your phone number change? Would love to chat with you some time, and if I can hit you at up some time for frags of some of those things you gave me once upon a time.

    Are you working at Sea Schor now? Someone told me that. Anyway, hope you are well and I'll try and reach you some time but pm me your number if it changed.
    hay man. sorry for the late respond. yes, i recived that. and i know what had happen to ur tank. u call me personally remember. i dont visit rc more often now. just bored i guess.

    Menard: I tried to send you an email the other day. Did you receive it?!? Joel
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