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    Building my Dream: It's a Miracles!

    Have any pictures to post? It sounds to me like your not getting the air volume required to lift the waste out of the neck. I would suspect the venturi or airline is restricted in some way if there is nothing wrong with the impeller. Have you otherwise made any changes? Flow rate through the...
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    Johnike's 93 cube

    Looks good John! I haven't been on much lately, but I trust this one wont end up on the basement floor...
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    Twin cities

    Just saw the place last week, and have to second this post. I'm not a local, so I don't have much experience with their customer service. But if you are just stopping through, get this place on your list of stops.
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    Cobalt neotherm heater just blew up!!!

    That would certainly be the safest route, but based on the mess it can create, it would still be an unpleasant experience. At this point, without much information on the scale and cause of the problem, there doesn't seem to be an effective way to circumvent or detect this seemingly consistent...
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    Cobalt neotherm heater just blew up!!!

    No issues with the 50W so far. Although, mention of a 75W unit has me concerned. I am leaning towards removing it. The form factor will be tough to beat however.
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    Cobalt neotherm heater just blew up!!!

    What wattage? From what I understand, their food is crap. I have heard it referred to as the McDonald's of fish food. That being said, even if it is good, I wouldn't change my inhabitants diet because a manufacturer couldn't offer anything more substantial to replace a defective product. To...
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    Your Reef Crash Story

    Haha, yea that changes things. Another big thing I just thought of is to not over react. Keep a level head and know how and where to find the right information in the time of a crisis. A network of local hobbyists is a good place to start, and of course, RC is an excellent source of information.
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    Your Reef Crash Story

    How big is your tank? I doubt you would need that much SW on hand. Good sized RO and SW reservoirs (depending on tank size) in combination with a quality RODI unit will be your best option, at least IME. For example, my first tank move, I was only using a 5g RODI reservoir. Having a 125...
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    Your Reef Crash Story

    Crash 1: Tank move Reused transport water because not enough fresh saltwater was made. Rushed away to work on something else while most of the SPS melted away. Crash 2: Tank move See above :facepalm: Lessons Learned: Don't rush things, take your time and do things right. ALWAYS keep SW on...
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    Is this Frogspawn?

    That is how I distinguish them as well. However, with my hammer colony, all polyps will usually develop "secondary tips" and begin to split around the same time. That is provided the whole colony has equal flow, nutrient, and light sources.
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    Is this Frogspawn?

    Are you referring to the multiple tips? That is also characteristic of a head getting ready to split.
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    Is this Frogspawn?

    IMO, those tips resemble that of hammer coral over frogspawn.
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    So I have a friend.

    Before we start blaming the maintenance guy. How much, and how often does your friend feed? What kind of food? Pellets have a high nutrient density, and are easy to over feed. This can cause issues like your friend is experiencing.
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    This post on craigslist worries me.

    We actually have a reputable LFS now. The owner is educated and cares about his livestock. Unfortunately, not everyone that walks in knows what they are doing, an unfortunate truth that follows every reefing community.