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    Maxima Clam for Sale

    I would also like a piece of your red planet, let me know...
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    Why can't I grow corraline?

    Almost guarantee its too much light. My tank has been running for 3yrs and has very minimal at best coralline algae. I run overdriven T5's about 3" off the water. All my corals do fine, but not the coralline. My sump on the other hand, that just has a 6500k flood light grows coralline with ease...
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    Can you identify this?

    Nothing to worry about, actually beneficial filter feeders.
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    Picture Update

    That is the pink lemonade. Believe it or not, that is with a P&S camera. A tripod and no flow makes a world of difference. Keith: it's all in the wrist ;) Here is another pic of that same coral ( prism favia).
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    Picture Update

    Love the cyphastrea and king midas. They are a little older, but nice IMO none the less.
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    Wtb single over flow box

    Terry, it seems u have an admirer...wth.
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    Stray voltage question
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    Build Thread

    Well, you've had my camera for over a week and yet we still have no pics to check out:hammer::wave::hammer:
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    Build Thread

    Not the best pics (phone), but still some nice candy to drool over. The size alone is just something that you just don't see. Setosa in a tub w/feet for comparison:eek1:
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    Re: Icefire

    The piece is just plain sick. Seen it in person, that thing is like 7" wide maybe 8".
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    Build Thread

    What time are you gonna be home tomorrow? I could swing over with the charger.
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    Build Thread

    Come on Chef, that camera takes better pics then that ;) Check your photobucket account :)
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    WTB - bubble tip anemone

    I just seen that Vu has 2 rose bubble tips ($60 ea.) and 1 Japanese bubble tip ($100) on the WORC fragswapper.
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    Build Thread

    Starting to fill in and get some color going:dance: Z's nursery is fully operational now:p and here's a couple goodies.......