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    Hey anyone hear for Mike Lamb anymore?

    Still alive. Loving life. No new reef yet.
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    Does anybody here culture thier own phyto?

    Brian Green does. He's bgdiving on RC.
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    This is not xmadcowx's 120g build thread

    OK you lazy bum...time for an update....
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    Still looking for some Table Live Rock..

    Marco Rocks used to have some good stuff.
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    Finally moved from the 20L to my new 90g

    Looking great Adam!!! Patience is always the key to a safe tank transfer.
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    My "build" thread

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    This is not xmadcowx's 120g build thread

    Some thoughts...The Snapper Hybrid pump according to Reeflo's site will flow about 1500 gph at 6'. Assuming that in your 40 gallon sump, your MAX water amount will be 30 gallons, that is a turnover of 50 times per hour in the sump, a complete sump turnover every 72 seconds...that's moving some...
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    Good Stores in Brandon Area

    Before I left your area, I drove over to FAOIS for most everything. Dave at Aqua Star is a great guy.
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    How the heck do you catch fish in a reef tank?

    Six to nine weeks.
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    How the heck do you catch fish in a reef tank?

    Laura, just a of the things I accomplish in QT is food training. Besides teaching the fish to eat whatever I want them to eat, I also train the fish to eat out of a net, and my hand, and whatever kind of funky container I have that will fit into the QT. The end result is no fear of...
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    Good bye kids...

    Thanks guys for all the well wishes, and Tom...that's the way I think. Snaphook, I worked for them from 90-95, all the same management still there, only reason that a shop foreman is being hired is he worked there since 85 and died last October. I grew up and graduated from high school just...
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    Good bye kids...

    :wavehand:I've had a fabulous time in the Tampa area hanging with some great reefers, and a great reef club, but all good things come to an end. I will be leaving Florida on Monday 04.05.2010 heading for Texas. I took a job as Shop Foreman at AC Collins Ford in Pasadena TX, between Houston and...
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    FS: Regal Angel (Red Sea)

    Where did you buy that?
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    Colaman555 65g Tank is finally up!

    Looking great Russ!
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    finally getting started. again lol.....

    Looking good! Now get on that plumbing.