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    Mag. In a calcium reactor

    Thanks guys, I do believe you get your parameters right first, then the reactor maintains them. Going to use the ARM course size. Just don't know how much it peovides by it self. I did read the 10% max added mag. Too
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    Mag. In a calcium reactor

    About to set up my first calcium reactor, do you run a magnesium component with the calcium media? I have no idea if magnesium is present in the calcium media to start with, or do people just add magnesium media to increase the levels beyond the calcium media?
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    Aqua Vim Tanks Stay AWAY

    to be fair, I never contacted them. I did have a problem for the first two years. makes me nuts now though.
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    Aqua Vim Tanks Stay AWAY

    I have a Aqua vim 180 corner tank, have the same issue for6 years. I am planning on gluing the stand pipe into the male adapter in the bulkhead at the bottom of the overflow to prevent it from over flowing the sump. it sucks!!
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    Jeabo WM module to Apex programming

    I have hooked up my Apex to the Jeabo wave maker adapter box. The pumps will work through the Apex Fusion control wizard, I had found a link to a program them, but it does not seem compatible with the format given. I want to have more control, Anyone have exepericane/ guidance ? Thanks!
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    Size of RBTA food?

    Anemone food for a big RBTA? About 10"-12" big. How big if a piece of shrimp/fish etc. I have had him 1-1/2 months, seems happy, only have fed once a week, and just 3-4 small silver sides at a time. Thinking may be more food, more of a bubble tip?
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    Apex update/ wireless?

    Thanks, ill Google it, I have read of people using "game controller adapter?" im not a gamer, nor computer networking proficient, just looking forward to installing it and having wireless control from my phone/tablet!
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    Apex update/ wireless?

    Can you overcome not being hard wired to the router by plugging the eithenet cable in to a laptop that is wirelessly connected to the router?
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    Need heater program samples for APEX

    Curious how this is working for you? I have the same set up and have a Apex showing up in the next day or so. Are you running it this way?
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    2 skimmers. Same system?

    Cool, im in the situation my sump needs more skimming, but dimensionally it only can accommodate two rated at 180 gal. glad to hear it works!
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    Dossing with a controler, or Not?

    Converting my FOWLR to a Reef. As I'm now adding corals (sps-lps-soft) and then a clam or four. I want to add a dosing pump system for the basics, calcium,Alk,Mag. Was looking at the 4 pump Jebao dosing pump. I have two Jebao wave makers and three 120 watt dimmable Chinese LED fixtures...
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    LED time/color ??

    Yes they do have optics, but appreciate the advice, ill start out with that as a guide line.
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    LED time/color ??

    My tank is not actually upside down:)
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    LED time/color ??

    Process started to add coral to my FOWLR tank. Added a few "easy" corals. I have installed 3 120watt dimable "full spectrum" lights. I can't figure out the timing and color thing out. I'm concerned about bleaching the coral out. I added a Green slimer, a meteor and a purple stylo coral along...
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    removal of Bio Balls

    Thanks for the guidance, my total flow is about 8100gph between waterblaster 5000 and two wp 40 power heads on random. My skimmer is defiantly small, so unless I make a new sump I'm stuck. I actually could get a second of the same size though, now it can fit where my Bio Balls lived. That would...