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    Brand new SCA 80g tank/stand/ATI Hybrid

    Looking to sell a brand new SCA 80g cube w/white stand Asking $800 Package includes 80g 32x24x24 White stand Brand new ATI hybrid 4 bulb and led Located in San Diego 619-855-2667
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    WTB: a few 24" Giesemann Spectra

    I have a 36” spectra brand new never used Shoot me a text 6198552667
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    WTB Elos setup

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone was selling a Elos setup Maybe 120xl and bigger 6198552667
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    FS Lee Mar 75G Cube $500 - Simi Valley

    Can we get an updated pic of the tank?
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    Wtb 24x20 stand

    I got mine from sca aquarium for like $150 shipped to my door or idntour close you can pick one up for way cheaper
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    Highend mushroom

    Inbox full send me a text
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    FS: Jawbreakers

    Pm sent
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    911 busted seam

    What brand tank was this? Purchased new?
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    T5 retro kit wiring help!

    Thank you bro for the help I'm going to do that Was just kind of lost on what to do Because on the sheet it says "œMust secure both ground wires together then to an earth ground"
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    T5 retro kit wiring help!

    Thank you for the reply So yes it does come with a 3 prob plug but I'm curious how do I connect the ground to the main cord coming from the prong So it's 3 wires from plug and only 2 wires from ballast so trying to figure out how to hook up the ground
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    T5 retro kit wiring help!

    Hey guys just bought a retro kit and just a little confused of the wiring aspect of it specifically the grounding wire part Where does the grounding wire get hooked up to So was wondering if I can get some help here please Also on a side note what can be used as a jumper wire replacement I...
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    Foster and Smith clearance sale

    I ordered my tunze 6040 and just got shipping info today I called them yesterday complaining about why hasn't my order shipped in 4 days asked them to upgrade my shipping which they did now my pump will be here Monday instead of the free 5-7 day shipping
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    Foster and Smith clearance sale

    Just picked tunze 6040 for $70 crazy deal
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    Brand new radion gen 4 xr15

    San Diego 6198552667
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    Brand new radion gen 4 xr15

    Hey guys how's it going i have forsale a brand new radion gen 4 pro Asking $375 shipped