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  • BTW, The spectra will have a ton of coverage, almost too much for a 24" tank. My infinity has a lot coverage. Almost covers the depth of the 30".

    I saw in your signature that you are running a 24" infinity along with 2 LEDS? I am having a custom tank designed at either 42" or 44" L X 24" X 20". It's in a small room with a second tank next to it and I want to avoid running a chiller. My idea was to go with a 24" Spectra and place a Kessil on each end to give a bit extra light and dawn to dusk. How is your setup working and are you happy with it? I'd like to avoid running a chiller and that is the main reason I have focused on a single 250 W MH lamp.


    Yes. I no longer have it. I had to sell the set up due to a move. I am in the works of setting up another tank. Not using the razor though. It would be a photon. Much less cost with better coverage. The Razor did the job. Grew corals and coloured them up. The trick with LEDs is acclimatization.
    No problem. So far so good. Most corals doing really well. Some are bleaching! Too much light! I will keep posting pics.

    I have illumagic Blaze led since 6 month but I had some troubles with this light even I belive it is one of best LED unit because it has UV and Purple. I install 2 pair of giessman razor T5 as supplament to LED. Now all corals are doing well. I m following your tank because I dont want to leave LED and I belive Maxspect razor. I will request detail info about coloring corals(acros and acan loards)

    thanks in advance
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