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    WTB Skimmer for 300 GAL or WSM G4 parts!

    Actually I think that is about as good a price as you are going to get.
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    Yes, I can’t believe it is.

    Yes, I can’t believe it is.
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    Possible causes for GHA bloom in healthy established tank

    Who wants a large CUC. What has always worked for myself and friends is to raise ALK to 10 with a small addition to their CUC. This process has never created a problem with a SPS tank.
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    How long can a coral be kept in a bag at proper temperature?

    I have done it many times. Just make sure the bag is oversized.
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    Are skimmer neck cleaners beneficial ?

    The neck cleaner has been a benefit for me. Once your neck “gunks” up the skimmer does not produce as well.
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    Sucker buy? Name-brand return pumps...

    I love my Vectra pump and what ever you want to do is great too.
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    The Life Reef Skimmer Club

    Keep it closed. It is just for access to clean.
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    Controller of choice

    Not until they get their web sever ice updated.
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    Best stage in sump to put skimmer?

    Your ATO should be in stage 3.
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    Protein Skimmer Size?

    I am not a fan of over sizing a skimmer. There is just not enough gunk to make them work consistently so you either have a skimmer that only works when the water is very dirty or you are running it very wet.
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    Best stage in sump to put skimmer?

    I use option two. Skimmer seems to work better in chamber 2 as the water is calmer.
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    What is better New Apex or GHL Proflux 4?

    After using both I like Apex better. The Apex user interface, fusion, is far better. In fact I am at a total loss as to why GLH as not come up with a better interface. Working away from home and dealing with MyGLH is a PITA. Also programming with apex's fusion is a breeze. While I like the...
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    Wow, that is bad! Good luck.
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    Reef Saver Dry Live Rock Question

    I am not a fan of this rock. It is not porous enough to harbor enough of the bacteria you need. This is especially true if you want to use minimal rock. I would spend a little more and get some LR that is less dense.
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    I have been using Red Sea blue bucket for since January and it mixes where I want all my peramiters to be. Tank is looking special!